Accounts Payable (AP) Invoice Processing: Scanning, Workflow Automation & ERP Integration

Efficiency Unleashed: Streamlining AP Invoice Processing with Scanning, Workflow Automation, and ERP Integration!

Despite advances in EDI and simply emailing PDFs, paper invoices keep coming in. Many organizations still manually process, approve and file them. We have a better way to streamline invoice processing that pays for itself and dramatically reduces liability.

The Paper Invoice Problem

Many organizations still process these invoices manually, which is a painstaking, time-consuming activity with a large potential for human error.

Invoice approval and payment authorization can be a lengthy process because of manual routing, which can strain vendor relationships, lead to duplicate payments and make early payment discounts impossible to capture.

Once processed, invoices must then be stored for seven years, so many organizations still file them in cabinets or send them to offsite storage. hardcopies then require storage space (often due to legal obligations) and are a liability because they can be lost, damaged or destroyed by flooding, fire or other disaster.

The Image One Invoicing Solution

We solve paper invoice problems. We can help you:

  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Take advantage of early payment discounts and avoid late payment penalties
  • Reclaim office space
  • Eliminate storage, transportation, and document destruction costs
  • Provide management visibility into invoice aging and cash flow

Invoice Scanning & Mailroom Services

We begin by eliminating paper invoices and other physical documents. Image One will conduct a comprehensive review of your organization’s paper invoice situation. Together, we will make a plan for scanning your paper documents. We offer two options for invoice scanning:

  • Onsite Scanning: our document scanning specialists will come to your organization to scan and index all invoices, correspondence, and other paper documents (we serve the entire state of Florida)
  • Offsite Scanning: we can provide document scanning and indexing services at one of our secure service bureaus in Tampa and Orlando

Once your backfile of paper invoices has been scanned, we can then focus on streamlining the processing of incoming invoices. We can either set up your team with document scanners and invoice scanning software or you can outsource your mailroom invoice scanning to us.

Invoice Workflow Automation Software

Workflow automation software can streamline your invoice processing up to 90%, while eliminating much of the margin for human error. With automated alerts and routing, workflow ensures that invoices follow a chain of custody and move expediently from one employee to the next so they are promptly processed, approved and paid. Workflow automation software also gives management visibility into invoice volumes, status and productivity to help identify and resolve processing bottlenecks.

Document Management Software & ERP Integration

Once scanned, invoices and other documents can be instantly retrieved using document management software or cloud document management software. We also integrate document management software with accounting and ERP software such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage MAS, etc. so that your team can search and view invoices within the software they know and user every day.