Document Scanning Services: Go Paperless

Go Paperless With Image One’s Document Scanning Services!

Image One provides services to scan and index paper documents of various sizes including contracts, continuous computer forms, checks, invoices, and more physical documents into digital formats. This makes it easier to store, organize, access, and share important information.

Our document scanning services use high-speed scanners to securely scan paper documents. They then manually index the documents into the business’ database for optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities.  OCR analyzes text in the documents and translates the information into readable text characters. This enables computers to interpret the data within documents, allowing you to search, edit, and store your digital images more efficiently. 

Once your paper documents have been digitized to the format of your choice, in bitonal or color, they are delivered to you via DVDs, USB Flash Drives, an FTP site, or imported directly into a document imaging and/or content management system.

Image One’s Document scanning services can help your organization reduce storage costs and improve productivity as well as collaboration among team members. They can also help with the following: 

  • Secure digital document imaging
  • Reduce document storage space needed
  • Converting paper documents into editable, searchable digital information
  • Shipping documents back to you for storage or Shredding documents permanently and securely