Microfiche Scanning Service

Microfiche Scanning Service

microfiche-scanning-service-tampa-orlando-miamiAlthough once considered a compact, efficient way to archive documents, microfiche has become obsolete. If you want to have instant search and retrieve access as well as to eliminate the liability of keeping film that can be easily damaged, Image One will scan your microfiche.

Microfiche as a Liability

As with microfilm, microfiche cards also degrade with age and from environmental factors common in Florida, such as high heat and humidity. And microfiche often become misplaced or damaged as a result of handling.

Just as significant, documents stored on microfiche are much more difficult to find, duplicate and share than are electronic records. Microfiche also requires that you own and maintain microfiche reader hardware just to read it.

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Your Microfiche Scanning Partner

Whether you need to retrieve student transcripts, human resources files, financial statements or medical records, image quality and ease of access are top priorities. With two decades of experience providing Florida organizations with data capture and storage solutions, Image One will scan any type of microfiche using the latest technology and convert the data into a PDF, TIFF or other digital format.

We scan any microfiche format, including jacketed, COM, ultrafiche, step and repeat, and rewriteable. We also scan any microfiche format, including diazo, silver and vesicular. We will then upload the digitized images to your document management software or file server.

Scanning One-Stop Shop

Besides microfiche, Image One can scan and convert microfilm and aperture cards, as well as all manner of paper documents, including engineering and architectural drawings. We will scan your documents at our Tampa or Orlando service centers, or we can scan your documents onsite at your location. We serve all of Florida, including Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Naples, Sarasota, and Jacksonville.