Grow Financial Federal Credit Union

“Image One delivered our highly-customized ApplicationXtender Web Services on schedule, on budget and with high quality. The professionalism and dedication of the team at Image One was nothing short of exemplary. By integrating our systems with Webaccess, we can provide our members with up-to-date and accurate online banking account activity which is automatically populated with information stored in the ApplicationXtender database. This integration also allows our members to choose electronic statements and opt out of receiving monthly paper account statements. The Image One team worked in close cooperation with our group to create an atmosphere and structure necessary to execute a successful project.

“We highly recommend Image One Corporation for any project with complex requirements and a tight delivery schedule. Their work has made a very positive contribution for the employees and members of Grow Financial.”

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Sumter County, Florida

“We saved quite a bit in startup costs. Our deployment for ApplicationXtender is under $15,000 with the Workflow Manager as an extension of AX. Other vendors would have cost $20,000 to $30,000 for the same service. Image One has a knowledgeable sales staff that has been able to assist us in identifying and recommending solutions and tailoring them to our specific needs. Their support staff is highly qualified and able to communicate easily with the basic user to advanced IT staff to help resolve issues. Over the last 15-plus years we have created an excellent working relationship with Image One and we look forward to this continuing for years to come.”

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Medical Nonprofit

“The contact we had at Image One was absolutely fantastic. I don’t know how you could put a number on that. More than price, it was the flexibility of the workflow processing that made ApplicationXtender/Captiva the right system for us. It’s the greatest thing. The flexibility is amazing. The entire process is now fully automated and lost documents are thing of the past. Now you put something in the search field and it comes right up.”

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Hillsborough County, Florida

“For about a five year period, there was a big explosion of things going from hard copy paper to imaging. The biggest thing that changed was not having to physically deal with paper. In a lot of cases, we haven’t needed to keep the paper anymore as long as we have a digital copy. We are taking up less space. There is nowhere near as much paper being kept.

“With Image One, I am always able to get a human being on the phone. I don’t get a place in the queue. That’s important. It makes a difference getting a real person.”

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Encon (HVAC Contractor)

“With Request Manager, my days to invoice will go from 10 to 14 days to maybe 3 to 4. From a cash flow standpoint, that’s huge. If my guy is up on a roof and an air conditioning unit has burned up, they can use this software to take a picture of it so it’s part of the report. When I email this report to my customers, it’s got pictures of the damage. It emails QuickBooks. My customer has a copy of the report before my technician even leaves the property. No more having to decipher their chicken scratch.”

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Pinellas County, Florida

“We were not full-blown digital back then but we had a vision and were talking about it. We had a large number of maps and plat images that we needed available to workers in the field. Some were needed in multiple locations at the same time. Today, the variety of Pinellas County maps you can view from your smart phone is a colorful snapshot of life in our county: There are tax districts, parks, trails and crime data, along with maps of manatee and coyote sightings. There are storm surge, flood and evacuation zone maps – an important resource for our residents.

“Image One representatives are very responsive and very good to work with. I would recommend them.”

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