Large (or Wide) Format Scanning Services

Large format documents, (also known as wide format documents) are cumbersome to store, maintain and retrieve!

Image One’s document scanning services aren’t limited to scanning and digitizing small paper documents, such as checks, contracts and invoices.

Using advanced large format scanners, our Document Conversion Services staff can digitize large format documents, including: Architectural blueprints, Engineering diagrams and drawings, Large non-standard book pages, Maps Posters and banners, Circuit diagrams, Satellite images, Newspapers and magazines, Aerial photos and more!

Makes Large Format Documents Easy to Store!

Paper takes up space in offices, The larger the paper, the more space that it takes. Our advanced archiving optimizes organization of these drawings, easing the planning process and ensuring a complete electronic record for building files. Digitizing engineering documents reduces physical storage demands and allows users to search for, view and print drawings for faster project completion.

Makes Large Format Documents Easy to Maintain!

Even with the best of intentions, documents are subject to the ravages of time. Large format documents are cumbersome to both store and keep intact. Handling and moving the documents can cause wear and tear on the original documents. Often we have customers come to us with older maps, drawings, etc. that are ripped, discolored and brittle and we do what we can. However, by having Image One digitize these documents earlier they could avoid issues with the originals as well as have a backup in case of catastrophic damage due to nature or other factors outside of their control. 

Makes Large Format Documents Easy to Retrieve!

As a result of large format scanning, electronic images of these documents are securely accessible through the internal computer network or the internet. By having the files in digital format, you can access the large documents from anywhere! Quality assurance tests guarantee that scanned files maintain a high level of accuracy and overall integrity.