Legal Document Scanning Services

Image One Corporation, is the leader in litigation support services offering complete legal document scanning and indexing services with both On-site and Off-site scanning at our Tampa service bureau.

What We Offer

We enable law firms of all sizes to instantly access the information contained in their cases, employee files and invoices – anytime, anywhere. Our document scanning projects include the highest levels of quality and security, ensuring project integrity and compliance. We will help your firm gain increased productivity and performance, control paper replication and storage costs. Image One will eliminate costly time required to find information in your administrative offices, case eDiscovery efforts and internal legal libraries.

What types of documents do we scan?

  • Human resources personnel files
  • Accounting & finance files
  • Full client case files for ALL SIZES of paper
  • Floor plans, drawings, contracts
  • Photo evidence
  • Fax to image conversion

Benefits of Our Services

  • Eliminate duplicate files
  • Multiple attorney file viewing
  • Free up paper storage space
  • Increase document security
  • Obtain “go green” initiatives
  • Aid in eDiscovery efforts (ESI)
  • Build an electronic case library
  • Add document retention to ESI
  • Eliminate paper replication costs
  • Win new clients – reduced discovery