AP Invoice Workflow Automation Software

Incoming paper invoices are a pain to process – on a good day


Opening the mail, matching invoice line items with POs and delivery receipts, and GL coding are all manually intensive and error-prone. If you have increasing invoice volumes, it can be a nightmare.

We streamline AP invoice processing based on a combination of our 20 years of experience implementing workflow automation software as well as our ability to image-enable your accounting or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

The Result: we can cut 90% of the manual labor out of invoice processing and reduce many errors, and you can handle increasing invoice volumes without increasing headcount. We can also automate the 3-way matching process.

The First Step

The first step in automating invoice processing is to deal with the paper. In addition to scanning your invoice backfile, you’ll also want to scan inbound invoices, correspondence and related documents.

We can either enable your mailroom or accounts payable department to scan them with scanning software and document scanners, or you can outsource invoice scanning or all of your mailroom scanning to us.

Automated Routing & Alerts

Once captured, invoices are then automatically routed to AP clerks for review and to the appropriate parties for approval and payment. This will help ensure payments are made on time and that early payment discounts can be captured (if you want to).

Document Management Software

While your invoices are being worked on and once they are fully processed, they need to be stored in a document repository that is accessible by the right people. Learn more…

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