Business Process Automation (BPA) Software

Workflow automation such as OpentText AppWorks has been proven to generate the greatest ROI by streamlining business processes, automating manual tasks and reducing errors.

Once documents are captured, workflow automation software automatically routes them to the right person for processing based on business rules. Automated alerts can be used to signify that a document is ready for processing or approval, and management can be alerted to bottlenecks tracked by the system.

Invoice Processing Application

For most organizations, streamlining invoice processing in accounts payable offers the greatest ROI of any business process.

When invoices are received electronically or scanned into a document management system, workflow automation software will then route the invoice for GL coding by an accounting clerk.

Once completed, the invoice will be routed to the appropriate person for approval based on the invoice amount. If rejected, the invoice is routed back to the clerk to follow up with the vendor. If approved, the invoice is routed to the right person so a check can be cut.

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New Employee On-Boarding Application

Streamlining the hiring process typically offers the second highest ROI for organizations, though sometimes offers a higher ROI than invoice processing automation for companies with large, seasonal workforces and others with high turnover.

Workflow automation software allows your HR staff to efficiently organize, route, deliver, and archive employee documents such as resumes, employment applications, tax forms, I-9s, insurance forms, contracts, benefits enrollment forms, vacation requests, reviews, etc.

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