HR Workflow Automation Software

HR Workflow Automation Software

Since 1994, we’ve helped streamline the process of hiring, new employee on-boarding, off-boarding, benefits enrollment, performance reviews, credentialing, and just about any human resources process you can think of that involves paper documents or e-forms.

As a result, these HR processes take a fraction of the time, and the risk of losing documents or not filing the right forms with the state or federal government are dramatically reduced.

To do so, we use HR workflow automation software as a streamlining tool, such as Workflow Manager for ApplicationXtender (AX).

The First Step

The first step in HR workflow automation is to get rid of the paper and ensure that all documents are captured – whether scanned, entered via e-forms or manually entered by your team.

Documents to be captured include:

  • W-4s
  • I-9s
  • Applications
  • Resumes
  • References
  • Background checks
  • Offer letter
  • Benefits enrollment forms
  • Policy acknowledgements
  • Expense reports
  • Reviews
  • Short-term disability approvals
  • Change of address forms
  • Vacation requests
  • Licenses, certifications and credentials

Automated Routing & Alerts

Once captured, HR documents are then automatically routed to the responsible party for review, approval and processing.

Using checklist functionality, if a document is not captured by a deadline, the responsible party is automatically alerted via email. Same goes for automated reminders if a document has not been reviewed in the established timeframe.

Document Management Software

While your HR documents are being worked on and once they are fully processed, they need to be stored in a document repository that is accessible by the right people.

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