Microfilm Scanning Service

Microfilm Scanning Services

Although microfilm has been a durable, reliable space-saving way to archive legacy documents that will be retained indefinitely—such as a library’s collection of newspapers and maps, human resources files and engineering drawings—these advantages have been overshadowed by the many benefits of digital technology.

Your Microfilm Scanning Partner

Whether you want to digitally back up or completely replace your microfilm archives, Image One will scan your 16 mm and 35 mm microfilm rolls and convert them into PDF or TIFF files or another digital format.

Drawing on our two decades of experience providing Florida organizations with image capture and storage solutions, we use cutting-edge scanning technologies and pay utmost attention to detail.

Why Scan Microfilm?

  • Age and weather take their toll on microfilm. In contrast, digital files do not deteriorate over time. Consequently, scanning and converting your microfilm records will help preserve your business continuity.
  • Digitized documents are simple to replicate. In a flood, hurricane, fire or other natural disaster, microfilm rolls can become damaged or destroyed. Digital files, on the other hand, allow for redundant, fail-safe data storage and disaster recovery.
  • As many workplaces pursue the ideal of the paperless office, being able to integrate microfilm records into enterprise resource planning and other digital platforms has become increasingly essential.
  • With optical character recognition (OCR), you can conduct full-text searches of scanned and converted microfilm, which means you can access important data much faster than before.
  • Using cloud storage of digitized data, you can retrieve records immediately from any location.
  • Unless you decide to keep your rolls of microfilm as a back-up, you will no longer have to maintain microfilm readers and printers. This will save you time and money, dramatically reduce your headaches, and free up valuable office space.

One-Stop Shop Scanning

Besides microfilm, Image One can scan and convert microfiche and aperture cards, as well as all manner of paper documents, including engineering and architectural drawings. We will scan your documents at our Tampa or Orlando service centers, or we can scan your documents onsite at your location. We serve all of Florida, including Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Naples, Sarasota, and Jacksonville.