Accounts Payable (AP) Invoice Automation

It Has Never Been Easier For Your Accounts Payable (AP) Department To Go Paperless!

Since 1994, Image One has Assisted Many Accounts Payable (AP) Departments Go Paperless!

Going paperless in AP departments has become a popular trend. It is a great way to reduce the amount of paper waste and save money on printing costs. In addition, it can help streamline workflows, reduce errors, and make it easier to access important invoices and documents.

Some of the benefits of your going paperless with your AP Processes are:

  • Saving time and money. Paperless AP processes can reduce the need for manual data entry, paper handling, and human intervention, which can lower the costs and errors associated with accounts payable. It can also speed up the invoice processing cycle and improve cash flow management.
  • Enhancing visibility and control. Paperless AP processes can provide a single platform for users to access, track, and manage all their invoices and payments. It can also provide real-time reporting and analytics to help users monitor their AP performance, identify bottlenecks, and optimize their workflows.
  • Improving compliance and security. Paperless AP processes can help users comply with accounting standards and regulations, such as GAAP, SOX, HIPAA, and GDPR, by ensuring the accuracy, completeness, and validity of their invoices and payments. It can also protect their data from unauthorized access, loss, or damage by using encryption, passwords, firewalls, and other security features.
  • Increasing supplier satisfaction. Paperless AP processes can help users maintain good relationships with their suppliers by paying them on time and accurately, avoiding late fees, penalties, or disputes. It can also enable better communication and collaboration with suppliers by providing them with self-service portals or mobile access to their invoice status and payment information.

Invoice Scanning Services

Image One provides On-site and Off-site scanning or conversion of paper or emailed invoices into digital format and extract data from them using optical character recognition (OCR) or other capture technologies. Invoice scanning services can help your organization automate and streamline your Accounts Payable  (AP) Processes, from capturing and processing invoices to approving and paying suppliers. 

Document Management Software

Document Management Software is key for your Accounts Payable Department in streamlining invoice processing as well as longer term search and retrieval, particularly during audits. With Image One’s experienced integration, you can even pull up invoices and correspondence from within your accounting software or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Workflow Automation Software

Automate and Streamline Your Accounts Payable Processes With Image One’s Accounts Payable (AP) Invoice Workflow Automation Software Solutions! Accounts Payable (AP) Invoice Workflow Automation Software is software that helps organizations automate and streamline their accounts payable processes, from capturing and processing invoices to approving and paying suppliers.