Employee and Personnel File Scanning for Human Resources (HR)

Streamline Your HR Employee and Personnel Filing Management System!

Employee and Personnel File Scanning is a process of converting paper-based documents into digital format for easier storage, access, and management. It can help Human Resource departments streamline their workflows, reduce costs, and improve compliance.

Since 1994, Image One has provided scanning services onsite at your facilities or at our either our Tampa or Orlando service bureau. For almost 30 years we have offer the scanning of employee and personnel files, tax forms, benefits enrollment forms, changes of address, vacation requests, and many more HR documents. Contact our sales specialist if you have questions about specific documents you would like scanned

HR Employee and Personnel File Backfile Scanning

Having Image One scan your HR documents stored in filing cabinets, bankers boxes, basements, and offsite storage locations. Electronic employee files are digital versions of paper-based documents that contain information about employees, such as personal data, employment history, performance reviews, benefits, payroll, and more. Scanning employee files can have many benefits for both employers and employees, such as:

  • Saving resources. Electronic employee files can reduce the need for physical storage space, paper, ink, and other materials that are used to create and maintain hardcopy records. This can also save money and time for the organization and the environment.
  • Improving security. Electronic employee files can be protected by encryption, passwords, firewalls, and other security measures that can prevent unauthorized access, loss, or damage of sensitive information. This can help comply with privacy laws and regulations, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and avoid legal violations, such as identity theft.
  • Enhancing employee experience. Electronic employee files can allow employees to access and update their own information easily and conveniently through online portals or mobile devices. This can increase employee engagement, satisfaction, and empowerment.
  • Increasing efficiency. Electronic employee files can enable faster and easier retrieval, sharing, and updating of information among different departments, locations, and systems. This can streamline workflows, improve collaboration, and reduce errors.
  • Ensuring accuracy. Electronic employee files can be formatted, indexed, and searched in a consistent and standardized way that can ensure the quality and completeness of the data. This can also facilitate audits, inspections, and reporting.

Other Benefits include:

  • Instant search and retrieval of both active and inactive employee files
  • I-9s are separated from other employee files to comply with federal requirements
  • Sensitive employee information is secure from unauthorized access, especially in the cloud (e.g. I-9s, salaries, medical)
  • Reduces regulatory and legal risks of lost documents during audits and lawsuits
  • Reclaims space from wherever these files are stored
  • Prevents capital expenditures in document scanning software and hardware
  • Eliminates all labor costs associated with filing and retrieval

HR Workflow Automation

Once you’ve converted your paper files to a digital format, even more productivity gains and risk minimization can be achieved using workflow automation software. Image One has streamlined the process of hiring, new employee on-boarding, off-boarding, benefits enrollment, performance reviews, credentialing, and many more HR processes that involves paper documents or e-forms. Using our solutions, these HR processes take a fraction of the time, and the risk of losing documents or not filing the right forms with the state or federal government are dramatically reduced.

We Provide Employee File Scanning Service for a Variety of Industries!

One of our success stories is Employee and Personnel File Scanning for an Entertainment Conglomerate with over 180,000 employees.

Image One receives the following via paper mail, UPS, FedEx, fax, and email and process 99% of it the same day:

  • Invoices: up to 1,000 paper invoices 2,000 emails with attachments per day
  • Travel & Expense reports: 5,000 documents per day
  • HR documents: up to 10,000 documents per month, depending on hiring volume

Our Document Conversion Specialists then open, scan, index, and QC all incoming paper mail and sort by document type, while monitoring email and stripping off attachments. We then upload all documents via encrypted FTP.

Another success story is for a local Hospital Network.

Image One scans all personnel and terminated employee files to the tune of 25-40 banker boxes per month. These records are received daily via FedEx for a string of hospitals around the US.

Other Employee File Scanning Clients

  • Cardno-TBE (Clearwater)
  • Citrus County Sheriff (Inverness)
  • Collier County (East Naples)
  • Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute (Ft. Myers)
  • Orlando Sentinel
  • Orlando Utilities Commission
  • Pasco-Hernando Community College (New Port Richey)
  • Polk County (Bartow)