Archival Storage Software


Storing your content is as important as capturing it. Image One provides you with a variety of storage options to accommodate your organization’s needs.

Storage Solutions

System Reporting and Dashboards are systems management tools which enable you to monitor how, when and who is using the content management system. You can see who has read certain archived files, how many files were scanned into the system, who scanned them, along with software license allocation and more. This module will also assist in reporting auditable data such as HIPAA compliance.

Automated Records Retention gives you the power to not only identify what records associated with the content management system need to have retention schedules attached to them, but electronically manage the life-cycle for each document through event and /or timer triggers. You can set retention schedules either by file type or at the individual document level. Once the schedules are set, the system will monitor these retentions until they are ready to be expunged. A report will provide you with each of the retentions that have come due, providing you the opportunity to either modify the retention time length, or give permissions for the system to completely dispose of the record. If permissions are given, the system will overwrite the file many times, destroying the files in the system’s databases and registries.

Disaster Recovery & Storage Management will manage the storage of your data, while providing an additional network layer of security. With this module, you can systematically write off parts of your data from the content management system to a variety of storage devices. You can also write to more than one location at the same time, providing disaster recovery options on the fly. By managing the movement of your data, you can control the length of system backups, the security of data over the network, and the recovery of mission critical data.