Case Studies

  • Brain Injury Association of America Logo

    Brain Injury Association of America

    Previously, ACBIS’ certification process was paper-based. Applicants submitted a multi-page application via mail or fax…


  • CareerSource Palm Beach Florida

    CareerSource Palm Beach County

    Image One teamed up with CareerSource to alleviate the mountains of paperwork including applications, files, and other…

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  • Disability Rights Texas Logo

    Disability Rights Texas (Formerly Advocacy, Inc.)

    Advocacy, Inc. turned to Formatta when the processing of complex paper forms began to disrupt their internal expense approval…


  • Girl Scouts Logo

    Girl Scouts of America

    Described by insiders as a “culture of forms”, the first project identified was reducing the paperwork-related burden on volunteers…


  • GOAL Academy Logo

    GOAL Academy High School

    GOAL Academy used to send student enrollment forms from each of its 20 education centers to its central records office…

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  • Hillsborough County

    Hillsborough County

    To more efficiently handle the high volume of automobile tag requests, the Hillsborough Tax Collector turned to Image One to…

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  • Image One logo

    Image One and Panasonic

    With an average monthly workload of 2.5 million documents that have to be prepared for scanning, scanned, and post-processed…


  • Medical Non-Profit AX and Captiva

    Medical Non-Profit ApplicationXtender & Captiva

    In early 2017, we were approached by a medical nonprofit that was desperate to update the software it was using to manage…

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  • California Institute of Technology Logo

    Nexsan: CalTech and NASA Data

    With exploding amounts of data, CalTech needed to store critical digital information for NASA on a storage system that could deliver…


  • Corona-Norco Unified School District Logo

    Nexsan: Corona-Norco Unified

    Facing dynamically growing volumes of data, the Corona-Norco Unified School Districtneeded to consolidate its virtual storage and data…


  • Data Transfer Solutions Logo

    Nexsan: Data Transfer Solutions (DTS)

    Data Transfer Solutions (DTS) needed to securely and cost-efficiently integrate data from mobile collection units, which…


  • Dublin Institute for Advance Studies Logo

    Nexsan: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

    DIAS chose Nexsan to offer the most cost-competitive and efficient high-capacity storage system possible…


  • Oil and Gas Company

    Nexsan: Energy Company

    With operations around the world, a large global energy company needed to ensure 24×7 infrastructure availability for its data…


  • Hackensack Radiology Group Logo

    Nexsan: Hackensack Radiology Group

    Imaging technology is rapidly advancing and with it comes increased demands for more storage capacity…


  • Health Service in Worcestershire

    Nexsan: National Health Service in Worcestershire

    With around one million patients, the National Health Service in England’s Worcestershire faces a constantly growing demand for storage…


  • Oaklawn Hospital Logo

    Nexsan: Oaklawn Hospital

    Archival storage requirements for Oaklawn’s medical image system were being compounded with increasing amounts of data…


  • Regional West Medical Center Logo

    Nexsan: Regional West Medical Center

    Regional West wanted a solution that provided full replication, failover and also eliminated the operational overhead…


  • Ruwaard van Putten Hospital Logo

    Nexsan: Ruwaard van Putten Hospital

    Ruwaard van Putten Hospital was using HP EVA 5000 systems to maintain its data center, but these systems were expensive to maintain…


  • Tyndall Federal Credit Union Logo

    Nexsan: Tyndall Federal Credit Union

    Tyndall Federal Credit Union was facing challenges with its complex archiving solution. Individual financial images and files could not…


  • Case Western University Logo

    Nexsan: Western University

    Case Western Reserve University had an immediate need for a storage system that provided high-performance, high-capacity, availability…


  • Pinellas County

    Pinellas County

    Pinellas County’s transformation to a paperless future began when the Clerk of Court’s office purchased scanners and began digitizing…

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  • EnCon logo

    Service Request Manager: HVAC Contractor

    EnCon wanted a digital makeover of the carbon copy-in-triplicate paper system it was using to track their service calls…

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  • Sumter County

    Sumter County

    In 2001 the Sumter County Clerk of Court’s office waded into digital imaging for the first time. Since then, the system has grown…

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