Document Scanning & Workflow Automation Software


The Image One suite of enterprise content management and document scanning software and hardware focuses on helping our clients increase their business production while reducing internal and external risk. We offer cutting-edge technology driven from manual, semi-automated and fully automated processes. These processes perform document and file capture, distribution, business process management, integration, storage, security and customization. They are designed to fix real problems in business and government organizations by implementing paperless solutions.

Image One also has the ability to help you automate the identification, collection, preservation, and review, of electronic stored information (ESI) for regulatory and legal proceedings, while automating the legal hold notification process.

Document & Content Management Solutions

  • Application Content Management (formerly ApplicationXtender)
    OpenText Application Content Management (formerly OpenText ApplicationXtender) delivers the power of instant document management software to make your information more affordable to store, manage, and share, providing instant business results.
  • cmx-Content-Managment-Logo CMX is the answer to today’s business issues around managing, securing, and efficiently utilizing your organization’s information, files, and documents.CMX-I from Image One/RocketSCAN helps your district capture all invoice data electronically and automates the invoice workflow

  • LiquidOffice™ 

    OpenText™ LiquidOffice™  e-forms software, implemented by Image One, helps organizations go paperless by converting paper forms to electronic, dramatically increasing productivity.


Document Capture Solutions


  • Intelligent Capture (formerly Captiva)

    OpenText Intelligent Capture (formerly OpenText Captiva), is an enterprise capture platform, providing omni-channel capabilities for collecting everything from scanned paper to chatbots. It is not just for organizing content at the front door, but automating processes across the enterprise.

  • formatta_logo

    Image One has partnered with Formatta from Access who has a comprehensive and versatile suite of e-forms management software products that can transform any paper-driven forms process into an electronic, paperless one.

  • icx-logo-big

    ICX is a powerful yet easy to use suite of intelligent capture software tools.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


Learn why robotic process automation (RPA) is quickly emerging as a solution to extend automation in finance and accounting with invoice processing, procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, and record-to-report, and more


Enterprise Storage Solutions


Image One has partnered with Nexsan to offer a HIPAA approved storage/disaster recovery solution. Assureon® is an archive storage system that is ideal for primary storage optimization, regulatory and corporate compliance, and the secure, long-term retention of files. In addition, Image One has partnered with enterprise-level, fully hosted data centers located in many states to offer a variety of disaster recovery plans.


Document, Wide Format and Micrographic Scanners


Image One has offered a wide variety of scanners, manufactured by industry leading companies.

Our digitizing experts will assist you in finding the right scanning hardware that matches your organizational needs. We sell Desktop Scanners, Production Scanners, Wide Format Scanners, Micrographic Scanners, Biometric Secured Scanners and ScanPro Microfilm Scanners


The ScanPro scanners are the micrographic equipment of choice in the world’s most prestigious libraries and corporations.

The new product release, the ScanPro 3000, continues this tradition by providing powerful new features and capabilities that make working with microfilm easy, productive and fun.


Meal Application Solutions

  • Rocket-Scan-Online

    Custom Free and Reduced Meal Application Design

    Meal Application for paper and online

    Multi Lingual applications

  • StrataApps

    Web/Cloud Based Software Solution

    Minimal Infrastucture Needed!

    Cost Effective

  • Rocket-Forms

    Paperless Auditing and Reporting

    Mobile Friendly

    Unlimited Forms

    Email Notifications