Student Records Scanning Service

Does your school need help entering the digital information age?

Are you hearing any of these typical issues from the staff at your school?

  • We Can’t Find Anything!
  • We are Running out of Space!
  • Are We FOIA & FERPA Compliant?
  • Are we Compliant with Records Retention Laws?
  • Our Budget is Tight!
  • Are We Open to Information Related Lawsuits?
  • What if our Office Floods, has a Fire or Experiences Any Other Disasters?

Why should we scan our files?

School administrators are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs, improve productivity and to reclaim office space in light of being faced with budget constraints and large quantities of documents and records to manage – not to mention increasing compliance and document retention requirements.

Image One will protect your school from legal and financial risks by scanning and creating instant access to all student records, board minutes, personnel files, contracts, invoices, meal applications, and back-office documents on paper, microfilm and microfiche.

Since 1994, we’ve helped K-12 school districts, community colleges and universities throughout Florida go paperless by scanning millions of student records, business records and other paper documents – onsite from their schools as well as from our Tampa and Orlando service bureaus. Our education clients save hundreds or thousands of hours in productivity every year by never having to file or hunt for paper documents again.

Our clients also appreciate our attention to detail, speedy turnaround and 100% data quality guarantee – all with a concierge level of service that you’ll not find elsewhere.

Scanning sounds great going forward! But what about our old files?

Not only can we provide you with a scanning and document management solution for your current needs, but we also have a professional staff that scan your older documents just taking up space! Having Image One scan your student and business records stored in filing cabinets, bankers boxes, basements, and offsite storage offers the following benefits:

  • Instant search and retrieval of all expense reports, receipts and other documentation
  • Auditor self-service
  • Reclaiming space from wherever these files are stored
  • No extra capital expenditures in document scanning software and hardware
  • Elimination of all labor costs associated with filing and retrieval