Medical Records Scanning Service


Hospitals and clinics need an easy way to scan paper patient charts and medical records into PDF and TIFF to create a complete electronic medical record for each patient.

Since 1994, we’ve scanned hundreds of thousands of charts and patient records for Florida healthcare organizations, including Parrish Medical Center, Jewett Orthopedics and even for the Pinellas County Jail’s Inmate Health Care.

We are accurate, cost-effectively, and will import these electronic documents into your Electronic Medical/Health Records Software (EMR/EHR). In addition to indexing all medical records so you can instantly search and retrieve them we can also provide any level of data entry, including patient chart abstraction.

The Result

  • Better decisions and less mistakes for your physicians
  • Higher quality care for your patients
  • Compliance with HIPAA
  • Elimination of your file room frees up space to serve more patient

Medical Records Scanning Options

We can scan all of your paper medical records, including:

  • Patient charts
  • Film
  • Lab results
  • Prescriptions
  • Physician notes
  • Patient IDs

Onsite vs. Offsite Medical Records Scanning

  • Onsite Scanning: we can place our document scanning specialists onsite at your facility to scan and index all medical records, which will be released into your EMR/EHR system
  • Offsite Scanning: we can provide scanning and indexing services at one of our secure production facilities in Tampa or Orlando

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