Business Process Management (BPM) Software

Image One’s ECM solutions attach all types of content to the processes that run your business. Content leaves in a traditional static stage and merges into a useful dynamic stage.

ECM Solutions

ECM Solutions allows the end user to view documents housed in the content management system, either through a web browser or their own front-line business application. If you choose to work within a system that is different than the content management system, you can simply highlight a word or number, press a hot key, and view files within the content management system.

Document and File Routing allows the end user to easily route documents and files associated with the core content management system. Routing allows documents to be shared and moved from person to person either directly through the content management system or by email. With routing, you can add to the file you are sending – comments, notes and dates – while preventing end users from having to share a document through a printed copy.

Automated Workflow combines the automation of routing electronic documents and files with both structured and ad hoc business processes. It is designed to route documents that follow your business process rules. The workflow module will provide you the power to set electronic tasks and decisions around routed documents. This is done while keeping a real-time history of all workflow steps in your business process.

Electronic Collaboration allows you to use your electronic content in a collaborative manner. Some business processes involve more than the routing of documents and associated tasks. Sometimes actions such as discussions, voting, polling, and research are needed to complete the process. The electronic collaboration module will allow you to apply everything you do in a manual meeting, into an electronic meeting room. You can store content, take votes, manage progress, have discussion threads, and share the desktop of your computer all in an electronic room. Also, the people in your business process do not have to be present together for many meetings. All work can be accomplished when an individual has an opening in their schedule. Auto email alerts are sent to each individual, notifying them when their input is needed to participate in the business process.