Mailroom & PO Box Scanning Service


Since 1994, we’ve provided both onsite onsite mailroom and PO box scanning services, as well as offsite at our Tampa service bureau.

Below are examples of our mailroom scanning service for a variety of industries:

Current Client: Entertainment Conglomerate

For a company with over 180,000 employees, we receive the following via paper mail, UPS, FedEx, fax, and email and process 99% of it the same day:

  • Invoices: up to 1,000 paper invoices 2,000 emails with attachments per day
  • Travel & Expense reports: 5,000 documents per day
  • HR documents: up to 10,000 documents per month, depending on hiring volume

We then open, scan, index, and QC all incoming paper mail and sort by document type, while monitoring email and stripping off attachments. We then upload all documents via encrypted FTP.

Workers Compensation Insurance Payer: 1 Million Images per Month

We receive mail containing workers compensation claim forms and supporting documents from all over US. We then separate and prep all documents (remove staples, paperclips, sticky notes, etc.) and scan them at 200 dpi. We then conduct all indexing and quality control. We pick up these workers compensation claims every day and all is processed by 5pm.

Workers Compensation Insurance Network: As-Needed Scanning

For five of the network’s organizations, we receive claims in the mail, which includes workers compensation claims and billing documentation. Volumes range from 30-40 claims per week to getting a box at least twice a month containing up to 1,200 claims.


For arbiters that intervene on car accidents, we receive all documents for each case sent in to them. We open, add a barcode cover page and scan them onsite at their facility. We then index all document images and export them with web services via software we developed.

Hospital Network

We scan all personnel and terminated employee files to the tune of 25-40 boxes per month. These records come daily via FedEx for a string of hospitals around the US.

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