Travel & Expense (T&E) Scanning Service


Since 1994, we’ve provided mailroom scanning services from our Tampa service bureau to capture paper travel and expense forms and receipts.

We also ingest digital T&E documents from email and fax, merge them with scanned documents and upload all of the above to our clients.

Our clients appreciate how we capture all T&E documentation, process them within 24 hours and guarantee 100% data quality – all with a concierge level of service that you’ll not find elsewhere.

The Case for a Change

If you’re processing T&E forms internally, we can probably save you hundreds or thousands of hours in productivity (depending on your volume) and cut some costs on top of that.

If you outsource this function and are unsatisfied with your provider, we can conduct an assessment and help you build a business case for making a switch.

Success Story

For the past 15 years, we’ve worked with one of the world’s most prominent entertainment companies in Orlando to manage their 15,000 daily inbound travel and expense reports with receipts as well as vendor invoices. The T&E reports come in from their subsidiaries all over the world via email, paper mail and fax and include both a form and receipts. Our client relies on our proven T&E processing capabilities so they can focus their resources on entertaining and not processing paperwork.

Backfile Scanning Service

Having Image One scan your legacy T&E paperwork stored in filing cabinets, bankers boxes, basements, and offsite storage offers the following benefits:

  • Instant search and retrieval of all expense reports, receipts and other documentation
  • Auditor self-service
  • Reclaiming space from wherever these files are stored
  • No capital expenditures in document scanning software and hardware
  • Elimination of all labor costs associated with filing and retrieval

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