Clerk of Courts: Document Scanning, Workflow Automation & Document Management

Streamlining Clerk of Courts Operations through Document Scanning, Workflow Automation, and Document Management!

Clerk of Courts (large and small) have the burden of managing large volumes of documents with minimal resources to do so. Image One has eased this burden for Clerks of Court and government agencies throughout Florida and beyond by getting rid of the paper as economically as possible, streamlining records requests and back-office processing, and making document accessible instantly.

The Clerk of Courts offices play a pivotal role in the judicial system by managing, storing, and providing access to a multitude of legal documents and records. In an era of increasing digitalization, it is imperative for these offices to modernize their operations through Document Scanning, efficient Workflow Management & Automation, and robust Document Management Systems.

Document Scanning

Document scanning involves the conversion of paper documents into digital formats. Clerk of Courts offices can benefit from this technology in several ways:

  • Preservation of Records: By scanning and digitizing historical records, Clerk of Courts can ensure their long-term preservation and prevent deterioration.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Digital records are easier to search and retrieve, enabling quick access to critical information.
  • Space and Cost Savings: Reduced physical storage needs and minimized printing costs.
  • Security: Digital records can be secured through encryption, access controls, and backups to prevent unauthorized access and data loss.

Get Rid of the Paper

For over 25 years, Image One has helped Clerks of Court gain control of their data by scanning and creating instant access to all manner of official documents, including:

  • Official Records
  • Court documents
  • Housing and human services case files
  • Contracts
  • Building, infrastructure and public works drawings
  • Meeting agendas and minutes
  • Invoices
  • Personnel files

Image One Document and Conversion Services

Image One’s Document Scanning and Conversion Service provide scanning services that can digitize, OCR and index documents of various sizes and medias including paper documentsmicrofilm, microficheaperture cards and large format documents, including drawings and aerial maps, to the desired electronic format. Once your paper documents have been digitized to the format of your choice, in bitonal or color, they are delivered to you via DVDs, USB Flash Drives, an FTP site, or imported directly into a document imaging and/or content management system. In addition to the digitalization of your paper files, Image One can save you time by offering a document and file destruction service. We also offer On-Site Scanning and Mailroom Services. Using a proven methodology and practice of a staff of experienced experts, high speed scanning devices and cutting edge technology, our conversion services are rapid, efficient and accurate.

Eliminating physical records will not only make document retrieval faster and more efficient, but government agencies will also save on paper, copiers, printers, and records storage.

Document Management 

Document management systems (DMS) are crucial for Clerk of Courts offices to efficiently store, organize, and access documents:

  • Indexing and Metadata: Attach metadata and tags to documents to categorize them for easy retrieval.
  • Version Control: Track document versions to ensure the accuracy and integrity of records.
  • Access Control: Define user roles and permissions to restrict access to sensitive documents.
  • Audit Trail: Keep a record of all actions performed on documents for transparency and accountability.

World Class Storage Hardware and Archival Solutions with Nexsan!

Image One has partnered with Nexsan to provide the most reliable, cost-effective, and highly efficient storage that meets the ever-changing needs for data storage. That means product design starts by understanding the specifics of particular workloads in our customers’ environments. And because these workloads vary, we offer a broad set of storage solutions where each product has clear intent and exceptional value. Whether customers require NVMe All-Flash & Hybrid for high-performance, cost-effective block storage for backup, scalable and highly-flexible NAS, or compliant ransomware protection, they trust Nexsan for reliability, cost-effective quality, and a built for their applications.

Our solutions are Purpose-Built Storage and Archival solutions that protect your data from ransomware, silent data corruption and ensure total compliance which helps with litigation support. Customizable and scalable, our solutions are cost effective and guaranteed to never lose a file. 

Workflow Automation and Management

Effective workflow management ensures that tasks and processes are organized and executed efficiently. In Clerk of Courts offices, this can involve:

  • Case Management: Automate the tracking and management of cases, from filing to disposition, ensuring that each step is completed in a timely manner.
  • Scheduling: Schedule court hearings, manage court dockets, and assign judges, attorneys, and other personnel to cases.
  • Notifications and Alerts: Automatically send notifications to involved parties, such as court dates, hearing schedules, and document requests.
  • Task Assignment: Assign tasks to clerks, judges, and other staff, and monitor their progress.

Streamlined Clerk Official Records Workflow with COR!

COR streamlines official record creation – just scan and key with focused tasks and accelerators. COR also features fast, disaster-ready search and retrieval. COR’s stability allows it to handle millions of documents – safely, and securely, ensuring that you will never lose a document.

Developed on .Net and having an interface like Microsoft Outlook, COR is intuitive, user-friendly and easy to learn – users new to recording are up and running unsupervised within a week or so as compared to the months it can take to learn other software. COR uses a wizard mentality, prompting users with document type-specific questions as they record information, reducing mistakes and accidents. As a result, recording is faster and more accurate.

Our cloud-based back-up option provides security against natural disasters, providing assurance that if your IT infrastructure is down for an extended period following an event like a hurricane, FEMA will be able to access your constituents’ land records if necessary, to verify and issue relief checks.

Hardware Support

We offer on-site technical support on microfilm scanners, document scanners and large format scanners. We focus on keeping your equipment up and running by utilizing a preventative maintenance schedule that minimizes the need for break/fix calls.

Customers with service contracts can expect to see a technician within eight business hours of placing a service call! Since Image One is centrally located, support personnel will arrive at your site quickly. Or, if you prefer, you may inform the hardware dispatcher that you wish to bring your equipment to us.

The Benefits Can Be Seen After the First Day!

By implementing document scanning, workflow management, and document management systems, Clerk of Courts offices can realize several benefits:

  • Efficiency: Streamline operations, reduce manual tasks, and minimize errors.
  • Accessibility: Provide quick and secure access to legal documents for judges, attorneys, and the public.
  • Compliance: Ensure compliance with legal requirements and data protection regulations.
  • Cost Reduction: Save on storage costs, printing expenses, and staff time.
  • Enhanced Public Service: Improve public service by offering online access to court documents and records.

Modernizing Clerk of Courts operations through document scanning, workflow management, and document management systems is critical to meeting the demands of the digital age. These technologies enhance efficiency, accessibility, and security, ultimately benefiting both the office’s staff and the public it serves.