Clerk of Courts: Document Scanning, Workflow & Document Management

courts-across-the-country-are-beginning-to-go-digital-in-a-nationwide-pu_551_40019284_0_14000891_500-300x205Clerk of Courts (large and small) have the burden of managing large volumes of documents with minimal resources to do so. Image One has eased this burden for Clerks of Court and government agencies throughout Florida and beyond by getting rid of the paper as economically as possible, streamlining records requests and back-office processing, and making document accessible instantly.

Get Rid of the Paper

For over 25 years, Image One has helped Clerks of Court gain control of their data by scanning and creating instant access to all manner of official documents, including:

  • Official Records
  • Court documents
  • Housing and human services case files
  • Contracts
  • Building, infrastructure and public works drawings
  • Meeting agendas and minutes
  • Invoices
  • Personnel files

Conversion Services

Image One can create or convert all types of paper documents, microfilm, microfiche, and large format documents to PDF or other electronic format. Our experienced staff, using high-speed scanners, will ensure that your document scanning goes smoothly. Eliminating physical records will not only make document retrieval faster and more efficient, but government agencies will also save on paper, copiers, printers, and records storage.

Clerk Official Record (COR)

COR streamlines official record creation – just scan and key with focused tasks and accelerators. COR also features fast, disaster-ready search and retrieval. COR’s stability allows it to handle millions of documents – safely, and securely, ensuring that you will never lose a document. Learn more.

Trusted Storage and Archival Solutions

Purpose-Built Storage and Archival solutions that protect your data from ransomware, silent data corruption and ensure total compliance which helps with litigation support. Customizable and scalable, our solutions are cost effective and guaranteed to never lose a file.

Hardware Support

We offer on-site technical support on microfilm scanners, document scanners and large format scanners. We focus on keeping your equipment up and running by utilizing a preventative maintenance schedule that minimizes the need for break/fix calls.

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