Content Management Xcel (CMX): Document Management Software Solution

Control Your Business Information with Content Management Xcel (CMX) by Image One!

CMX is the answer to today’s business issues around managing, securing, and efficiently utilizing your organization’s information, files, and documents. It is a powerful, full-featured software solution which provides your business users the ability to easily capture, retrieve, manage and store critical business information which flows through your company. With an easy-to-use GUI its architecture has been designed to provide accelerated configurations & implementations, producing a quick return on investment.


  • E-File Capture
  • Email Capture
  • Advanced Scanning
  • Forms Processing
  • Image Clean Up


  • Workflow
  • Retention Scheduling
  • Tiered Security Options
  • Print, Fax, Export Files
  • Easy User Interface


  • Websites
  • Email Messages
  • Business Applications
  • Microsoft Office


  • Records Retention
  • File History Auditing
  • Unlimited Indexing Fields
  • Full-Text OCR Searches

CMX business process management uses electronic content created from the capture module and incorporates it into your daily business processes.

Content Management Xcel (CMX) makes document retrieval effortless, allowing you to search for content in multiple ways. The software allows you to perform easy queries, wild card, full-text retrievals, and remote searches from both the web and nearly any other software program to include: email, Microsoft Office and your front-line business applications. Approval processes are made easy through the out- of – box email workflow, providing an electronic means to securely route all information within CMX.


Your electronic files and documents in either MSDE, SQL, or Oracle databases. The system provides you with the ability to fully manage your records through the retention feature, controlling your electronic file’s life cycle through time increments and trigger events. When a file has reached the end of it’s life cycle, the CMX software solution will provide a report so that you can make decisions on file destruction, increased retention life cycle, or to move forward with no retention timelines.