Digitech Systems PaperVision.com Cloud Information Management

PaperVision.com: Easy, Effective Information Management in the Cloud

What if you could easily implement effective information management without the hassle of complicated setup and a high price? What if you didn’t have to compromise essential features like sophisticated security, compliance, and collaboration tools to do so? PaperVision.com gives you real information management in the cloud with a sensible balance between price and performance.

It comes in three editions so you pay only for the features you need.


Perfect for entrepreneurs and small businesses

Users: 1-5

Included features:

  • Simple feature set helps companies start effectively managing important business records.
  • Easy drag-and-drop file upload enables any user to manage any information at anytime.
  • Keyword search retrieves any file within seconds no matter where you are.



Perfect for organizations with more sophisticated security concerns and those who need to comply with regulations

Users: Unlimited Included features:

  • Records retention enables quick retention schedule setup and secure destruction as schedules are met.
  • Integration with virtually any line-of-business (LOB) application streamlines information sharing across your entire organization.
  • Encryption, auditing, and advanced security features allow you to protect sensitive information at the group, user, project, or document level while tracking every access.



Perfect for automating business processes and enhancing productivity across the enterprise

Users: Unlimited Included features:

  • Graphical workflow enables you to automate business processes speeding every business activity.
  • All company information, including COLD/ERM data, email messages, and more can be securely managed and protected.
  • E-forms allow you to collect information online then kickoff related business processes and securely store and manage the data as a document.


What Problems Can PaperVision.com Solve?

Easily organize and protect your information by uploading any number of documents in just a few steps. Enjoy secure access to any record within seconds on virtually any device! Automatically route information through any workflow you need, while tracking every step and function. Our more than twenty years of experience securely storing and transmitting sensitive information for thousands of organizations lets you rest easy, knowing you’re always protected. It’s unbeatable convenience and security from a company you can trust.

Access your Files Anywhere, Anytime

Drag and drop to upload files in just a few simple steps, including COLD/ERM data, and even email. Once stored in PaperVision.com, you’ll have secure access to virtually any type of record, including images, Microsoft® Office files, and PDFs within a single system for easy management. Retrieve files within seconds on your computer, laptop, tablet, or even your phone!

Enable Automation

Setup processes that automatically route information through any workflow you need, while tracking every step and function. Capture information online with an e-form; then kickoff any business process based on the data received. You can even electronically sign documents as needed to keep things moving no matter where you are.

Keep Your Data Secure

Protect information by project, user, and even the individual document. Sophisticated encryption locks everything down, and you can track every action to comply with a variety of regulations. Plus, we have more than twenty years of experience protecting sensitive information in the cloud. You’re safe with us!

Choose the Plan You Need

Don’t pay for features you don’t need! PaperVision.com comes in three editions designed to fit your capabilities. Choose from Basic, Professional, or Enterprise options.

Collaborate with Confidence

Ensure you’re always working with the right version and never overwrite another’s work again. PaperVision.com allows you to share information and collaborate on documents and projects without any worry.

Save Money on Information Management

As a cloud-based service, PaperVision.com helps you minimize your spending on IT, hardware, and software. Purchase only the users, features, and storage you need to keep your business running smoothly.


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