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Assureon Data Vault Archival Storage Solution

The Nexsan Assureon® active data vault archive storage system solution is ideal for any organization that needs to protect data and backups from cyberattacks and ransomware, implement regulatory and corporate compliance, long-term archiving of unstructured data, or storage optimization. Users do not need to learn anything new, change how they access data or learn any new processes.

Assureon’s unique file fingerprinting and asset serialization process, in conjunctio with metadata authentication, private blockchain and a robust data verification algorithm, securely protects your digital assets. Data stored in the Assureon is immutable and cannot be corrupted by malicious malware. Assureon can be deployed as a software or hardware appliance. Both deployment options deliver all the unique data protection benefits to protect unstructured data and backups from cyberattacks, user error, and also meets regulatory compliance requirements.

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Assureon Software

Assureon Software gives you the flexibility of selecting a deployment option that best fits your organization’s infrastructure strategy. Assureon software can be implemented in a public cloud or on-premise. The software can be deployed on any standard or virtualized server.


Storage Optimization

Up to 80% of data on primary storage is unstructured. Due to the nature of unstructured data, it either never changes or changes infrequently. This data can be easily and transparently offloaded by an IT generalist onto a cost-effective Assureon archive storage system without any disruption to ongoing operations. In addition to freeing up space on primary storage for active data, the data on Assureon is automatically protected from day one. Assureon-protected data does not need to be repeatedly backed up during weekly full or daily incremental backups, dramatically reducing the size, time and cost of the backup process. The data on Assureon is better protected and instantly available. The space on primary storage can be freed up immediately once data is protected by Assureon. Data can also be left on primary storage for periods of high access then replaced with a shortcut or deleted after a set period of time.

Regulatory and Corporate Compliance

Assureon is ideal for organizations that must comply with governmental regulatory requirements including HIPAA, GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), SEC 17A-4 and PCI DSS. Assureon exceeds even the strictest regulatory requirements for data integrity, protection, privacy, security, longevity and availability with full audit trails. Additionally, Assureon makes it easy and automatic for organizations to adhere to their internal guidelines for data retention, deletion, privacy, protection and risk mitigation.

Remote and Branch Offices

It can be particularly challenging to meet corporate compliance guidelines for data that resides in remote or branch offices, which often have little or no onsite IT personnel. The easiest solution to this challenge is to place Assureon at corporate headquarters with an Assureon Edge NAS in each remote office, providing NFS and CIFS shares. All data stored on the branch office Assureon Edge is securely transmitted to the Assureon archive storage system at corporate to be archived. Alternatively, the Assureon Client is installed on branch office Windows 2003 or 2008 servers where it archives selected directories and files by transmitting them to Assureon at corporate headquarters.

Long-Term Archive

The Assureon archive storage system stores data for days or decades with unsurpassed integrity and protection in an easy to administer system that resides on-premise, in the cloud or both. High availability is built into each replicated Assureon system. High speed InfiniBand connectivity is available as an optional add-on for ultimate performance. Each file is fingerprinted and stored twice within Assureon on separate RAID disk sets, or, better yet, on separate Assureon archive storage systems that are geographically separated. Background data integrity auditing uses the fingerprints and duplicate copies to ensure authentic files for days or decades without the need for administrative intervention. Self-healing integrity checks and file availability audits along with digitally signed metadata files and third-party secure time stamps work together for the utmost protection of files within Assureon. Together, this applies a verifiable chain of custody to each data set throughout the retention period.

Cloud Storage

Assureon archive storage systems are designed with multi-tenancy in mind. Online archive storage providers utilize security features such as certificate-based authentication and separate AES-256 encryption for each cloud services customer. Additionally, each file is individually encrypted with its own AES-256 key to provide the strongest separation and security of data for each client. Standard reports keep track of storage usage for each cloud services customer and enables easy import into their billing systems.

Active Data Vault

There is some data that is too important to lose, too private to be seen and too critical to be tampered with. Up to 80% of data on primary storage is unstructured and either never changes or changes infrequently but it’s imperative that you keep and protect this data. This data can be easily offloaded from expensive primary storage to cost-effective Nexsan Assureon without any disruption to ongoing operations. Plus Assureon is designed to be regulatory compliant and tamper-proof from even the harshest ransomware attacks.

As malware is now also targeting backups, Assureon, in conjunction with Unity, provides an Unbreakable Backup™ which the last line of defense to protect backups from any malware, ransomware attacks, or user error so organizations can recover backups from a worst-case scenario.

Software Edition

Flexibility to implement in the cloud, hybrid cloud or on-premise.

File Fingerprinting

Secure Digital Fingerprints utilizes a combination of two cryptographic hashes for a unique file identifier.

File Redundancy

Makes two copies of the file and its fingerprint are stored in a separate RAID disk set either in the same system or a remote one.

File Serialization

Serial numbers are assigned to each individual file to ensure no files are changed, missing, or inappropriately added.

Secure Time Stamp

Use of a global, redundant, secure time source using Stratum Level 1 hardware time sources to ensure accurate time stamp.

Auto File Repair

Continually verifies against fingerprints and repairs using copies and safeguarded by RAID disk arrays for days or even decades.

Regulatory Compliance

Governmental and Corporate compliance of HIPAA, GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), SEC 17A-4 and PCI DSS.

Storage Optimization

Archiving unstructured and infrequently used data frees up primary data and dramatically reducing the size, time and cost of the backup process.

Data Longevity

Ensures adherence to guidelines for data retention, disposition, privacy, protection, chain of custody, litigation readiness and risk mitigation


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