HR Document Management Software

We have a long history of making both paper and electronic documents remotely and securely accessible. This holds true for HR personnel and auditors (on a self-serve basis), while also adhering to document retention scheduling.

And do you want all your HR documents accessible via your HRIS, HRMS or HCM system? You got it.

We do so with over 20 years of expertise combined with HR document management software in the form of ApplicationXtender (AX).


The First Step

Get rid of your paper. Here’s how to do it.

Automated Routing & Alerts

Once all HR documents are captured, they need to be reviewed, approved and processed. There is no more effective way to do this, while minimizing risk, than with HR workflow automation software.

The Final Step

While your HR documents are being worked on and once they are fully processed, they need to be stored in a document repository that is accessible by the right people and are retained from now until their retention schedule expires. This is what we do with document management software.

We also image-enable your HRIS, HCM and HRMS so that HR documents can be searched for, retrieved and viewed within your HR back-end like Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP, WorkDay, ADP, Kronos, Zenefits, and more.

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