Document Management Software for Human Resources (HR)

Image One’s Document Management Software for Human Resources (HR) Will Help Manage and Store All your Employee Files!

Document Management Software for Human Resources (HR) is a type of software that helps HR Departments manage and store employee documents, such as personal data, employment history, performance reviews, benefits, payroll, and more. 

Image One has a long history of making both paper and electronic documents remotely and securely accessible. This holds true for HR personnel and auditors (on a self-serve basis), while also adhering to document retention scheduling. Our solutions also make all HR documents accessible via your HRIS, HRMS or HCM system. We do so with over 20 years of expertise combined with HR document management software in the form of Content Management Xcel (CMX).

Document Management Software for Human Resources (HR) can provide many benefits for both employers and employees, such as:

  • Saving resources. Document Management Software for Human Resources (HR) can reduce the need for physical storage space, paper, ink, and other materials that are used to create and maintain hardcopy records. This can also save money and time for the organization and the environment.
  • Improving security. Document Management Software for Human Resources (HR) can protect employee data from unauthorized access, loss, or damage by using encryption, passwords, firewalls, and other security features. This can help comply with privacy laws and regulations, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and avoid legal violations, such as identity theft.
  • Enhancing employee experience. Document Management Software for Human Resources (HR) can allow employees to access and update their own information easily and conveniently through online portals or mobile devices. This can increase employee engagement, satisfaction, and empowerment.
  • Increasing efficiency. Document Management Software for Human Resources (HR) can enable faster and easier retrieval, sharing, and updating of information among different departments, locations, and systems. This can streamline workflows, improve collaboration, and reduce errors.
  • Ensuring accuracy. Document Management Software for Human Resources (HR) can be formatted, indexed, and searched in a consistent and standardized way that can ensure the quality and completeness of the data. This can also facilitate audits, inspections, and reporting.

First, Go Paperless!

Employee and Personnel File Scanning is a process of converting paper-based documents into digital format for easier storage, access, and management. It can help Human Resource departments streamline their workflows, reduce costs, and improve compliance.

Automated Routing & Alerts

Once all HR Documents are captured, they need to be reviewed, approved and processed. There is no more effective way to do this, while minimizing risk, than with HR workflow automation software.

Document Management Software

Document Management Software (DMS) is a digital solution that can helps HR Departments process, capture, store, manage and track documents. It is a software-based solution that captures, stores, retrieves, and distributes digital documents throughout your organization. Image One’s CMX Document Management Solution is built from years of experience in the field. DMS software such as CMX can help your HR department reduce paperwork requirements, improve efficiency, and streamline workflows. It can also help your department save money on storage costs by freeing up space and storing necessary hard copies off-site in more affordable places like a warehouse.