Formatta E-Forms

Formatta E-Forms Software

If you examined any department in your enterprise, you’d find many paper-driven forms processes that are slow, hard to track and a drain on productivity. From HR to accounting and financials to administration and beyond, your organization likely has hundreds of these paper-heavy routines: new employee onboarding, performance evaluations, capital requests, time and expense reporting, just to name a few. Up to 80% of business-driving documents are forms, and yet, despite needing to do more with less, most companies do little to change the way they approach forms management.

Formatta from Access is a comprehensive and versatile suite of e-forms management software products that can transform any paper-driven forms process into an electronic, paperless one. Formatta’s components—Designer, E-Forms Manager, iFiller, and Filler—work together seamlessly, empowering you to:

  • Create paperless, collaborative and secure electronic forms-driven processes
  • Easily create and publish new e-forms and convert existing (paper or electronic) ones that retain their original structure
  • Capture correct and complete data the first time, every time
  • Extend access to forms across the enterprise and to authorized third parties like partners and customers
  • Seamlessly integrate forms with business applications and content and document management systems
  • Enable automatic data updates and document archiving in those systems—no manual steps required
  • Authorize forms with digital signatures, which only users with valid credentials can apply
  • Improve governance of government-mandated forms, such as I-9s and W-4s
  • Support all major compliance and security mandates
  • Increase visibility and accountability by tracking forms throughout their life cycle

Complete Forms Online with Formatta iFiller

Our web-based tool, iFiller, enables you to retrieve, complete, submit and digitally sign e-forms directly from your browser. Forms just need to be designed once, and then render the same for every operating system and browser. iFiller extends the convenience, speed and security of electronic forms to authorized users across your organization.

Offline Forms Completion with Formatta Filler

IFiller gives users the option of completing electronic forms offline, and then securely submitting the data when online. Just like with iFiller, its browser-based complement, Filler features full support of secure electronic signature, and forms retain the appearance and structure of paper versions for ease of use. Filler can be used on any Microsoft Windows based platform and can also be used when connected online.

Formatta for Apple iPhone & iPad

ITechnology is changing expectations and the global marketplace requires organizations to be increasingly competitive, employees can no longer be restricted by four walls and the stacks of paperwork they contain.

IWith Formatta e-forms management solutions for mobile devices, you can liberate your team to be more productive with anywhere, anytime forms access. Our solutions for the Apple iPad and iPhone enable authorized users to interact with, complete and apply digital signatures to secure e-forms on the go.

ITailored interfaces for each device take full advantage of multi-touch technology, providing an intuitive experience for all users.