Human Resources (HR) Scanning Solutions

It Has Never Been Easier For Your Human Resources Department To Go Paperless!

Since 1994, Image One has Assisted Many Human Resources (HR) Departments Go Paperless!

Going paperless in HR departments has become a popular trend in recent years. It is a great way to reduce the amount of paper waste and save money on printing costs. In addition, it can help streamline workflows, reduce errors, and make it easier to access important documents.

Going paperless can also help HR professionals save time by eliminating time-consuming, repetitive tasks. It can also reduce your paper usage, which is beneficial for the environment. Eliminating paper documents will also create a more professional appearance for your company. Image One’s paperless solutions can help supervisors respond to employee requests more quickly, and HR managers can simplify the recruiting and onboarding process. Meanwhile, you can track everything from a single, convenient dashboard.

Employee File Scanning Services

Image One provides On-site and Off-site scanning of employee and personnel files, tax forms, benefits enrollment forms, changes of address, vacation requests, and any other HR document your organization utilizes.

Document Management Software

Image One has a long history of making both paper and electronic documents remotely and securely accessible. This holds true for HR personnel and auditors (on a self-serve basis), while also adhering to document retention scheduling. You can have all your HR documents accessible via your HRIS, HRMS or HCM system.

Workflow Automation Software

Image One has streamlined the process of hiring, new employee on-boarding, off-boarding, benefits enrollment, performance reviews, credentialing, and many more HR processes that involves paper documents or e-forms. Using our solutions, these HR processes take a fraction of the time, and the risk of losing documents or not filing the right forms with the state or federal government are dramatically reduced.