Invoice Scanning Service


Since 1994, we’ve provided onsite scanning of invoices, receipts and correspondence for accounts payable departments. We also offer offsite invoice scanning services at our Tampa and Orlando service bureaus.

Our ideal client for invoice scanning is the CFO and AP department that wants to reclaim hundreds or thousands of hours in employee productivity from never having to file or manually retrieve an invoice again. Additional time is saved by allowing auditors to log into your document management software to search and retrieve whatever they need in seconds.

Invoice Backfile Scanning

Having Image One scan your invoices stored in filing cabinets, bankers boxes, basements, and offsite storage offers the following benefits:

  • Instant search and retrieval of all invoices, receipts and correspondence
  • Auditor self-service
  • Reclaiming space from wherever these files are stored
  • No capital expenditures in document scanning software and hardware
  • Elimination of all labor costs associated with filing and retrieval

Some of our invoice scanning clients include: a major entertainment company in Orlando, Florida Cancer Specialists (Ft. Myers), Align Networks (Jacksonville), and Blind King (Port Richey).

Workflow Automation

Once your invoice backfile is scanned, we can focus on scanning your inbound invoices, possibly as part of our mailroom scanning service.

When combined with workflow automation software, you can further reduce the time needed to process an invoice up to 90%, especially if you take advantage of our ability to integrate workflow and document management software with your accounting or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

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