Scanners for Automated Mail-In Ballot Voter Signature Verification

Scanners for Automated Mail-In Ballot Voter Signature Verification

Streamline Your Vote-by-Mail Ballot Validation Workflow

Introducing advanced scanning solutions that integrate seamlessly with your voting system to dramatically increase the speed of processing incoming absentee / mail-in ballots.


Streamline Your Absentee Ballot Workflow & Meet Important Deadlines

Highly accurate signature scans
This Panasonic scanning solution integrates seamlessly with your voting system, enabling you to import and export directly from the voting system, dramatically speeding up the processing of incoming ballots. This ballot scanning system can be deployed quickly in your county to maximize processing throughput and help you meet important reporting deadlines.

The Next-Generation of Comprehensive Signature Validation

Over a century of experience in process automation
User-friendly software quickly clips and compares ballot signatures against signature in database to create a comparison score. Based on this score, the signature is either auto-validated or flagged for further validation. This highly-accurate process speeds up processing time while limiting physical contact.

Seamless Integration with Your Current System

One bundled solution optimizes automatic signature verification
Import and export directly from your native voting system. Our bundled solution includes all of the hardware and software needed to optimize your verification system. We also include our signature Panasonic on-site maintenance and support.

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Increase hourly ballot processing by over 1000%


One solution includes all necessary hardware and software


Simple installation and easy-to navigate interface


Open-ended software works with your native system


On-site service & Support included standard

Enhanced Processing for Incoming Ballot Security

Imprinter provides extra layer of ballot security
All incoming ballot envelopes are immediately scanned and imprinted with the date, time and batch number. This reduces the number of people required to handle incoming ballots. Signatures are matched electronically using the industry’s leading signature verification software.

Get Your Mail-In Ballot Solution up to Speed

We’ll guide you through the purchase process and provide installation / training
Ready to implement a mail-in ballot workflow for the upcoming elections? Reach out to one of our document management solution experts for a free consultation. Based on your current voting system and your expected volume of mail-in ballots, we can put together a quote for a solution that meets your needs. We can also help guide you through the process of procuring funds for your system through the CARES Act and other grants


Webinar: Secure Mail-in-Ballot Scanning & Verification Solution

Wednesday, September 16, 2020 | 12PM EST
The 2020 Federal Election cycle has an unprecedented challenge in getting every vote to count due to Covid-19. We are inviting you to a 20 minute webinar to see how our Secure Mail-in Ballot Verification Solution can resolve some of the challenges expected with the anticipated surge in absentee ballots. With the Secure Mail-in Ballot Verification Solution, election offices can do the following: 

  • Quickly scan voter mail-in envelopes/ballots
  • Easily conform to your state laws, while dramatically increasing processing of absentee or mail in ballots
  • Electronically verify the mail-in ballot information with the voter signature on file with a high-level of accuracy