Mailroom Scanning for Health Insurance

Mailroom Scanning & Claims ProcessingFor your inbound health claims:

  • • Do you capture all claim formats, including paper mail,
      email and fax?
  • • Can you process every claim within 24 hours?
  • • Does your team guarantee 100% data quality?
  • • Have you looked into the benefits of outsourcing scanning?

If the answer is "No" to any of these questions, let's talk.

Mailroom Claims Scanning Assessment

After an initial assessment of your claims process, software and hardware, we will identify the following:

  • • Foundational problems that need to be fixed
  • • Opportunities to achieve a new standard of quality
  • • How to turn claims processing into a competitive advantage

Specific things we identify in our mailroom claims processing assessment:

  • • How long it takes for a claim to be processed
  • • How many data quality mistakes are made and of what nature – e.g. poor image quality (too dark, skewed), blank pages, data entry mistakes, failed imports, etc.
  • • How responsive your team is and their overall level of service quality

Whether you manage inbound health claims in-house or outsource it to a third party, Image One will identify critical process and system improvements as well as the clarity on how to achieve them – with your current team and/or with our help.

Our Mailroom Claims Processing Experience

Image One has over 15 years of mailroom claims processing experience, which is also referred to as digital mailroom, virtual mailroom and PO box scanning. We've captured hundreds of millions of incoming claims from numerous clients around the world and securely transferred those encrypted claims on a daily basis using a secure FTP server.

Our clients appreciate how we capture any incoming claim format, process them in 24 hours and guarantee 100% data quality. Who else guarantees 100% of anything these days, and with a concierge level of service?

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