Document Scanning & Workflow Systems Integration

The process of systems integration consulting

Before any integrations occur, we work directly with our clients business and IT teams to fully understand their current processes along with their goals and objectives for future process change. With this foundation, we build a clear understanding of where to begin when creating an integration map so that data and files fit seamlessly into your future processes. Whether using cutting edge technology or custom development, Image One’s experienced integration team solves industry-specific requirements allowing your organization to growth through: business performance, compliance and governance compatibility while eliminating data integrity risks. We are aligned to provide integration to accommodate today’s industry standards such as

  • HL7 HIPAA compliance
  • Sarbanes Oxley
  • Sunshine Laws, and more

Image One helps our clients use information, data, and files in a more productive manner, at a pace needed to keep up with today’s business demands.


systems integration customized to your business needs

Part of our data and file mapping strategy is to ensure that integrations are built with an architecture which allows for scaling and fast testing turn-around times so that current business processes are not affected. Depending on the level of integration required, Image One has the ability to set up a testing integration platform, running side by side to your integrated production systems.


built-in flexibility for future integration builds

In addition to building integrations, we train your teams either onsite or in a classroom environment to maintain and/or facilitate future integrations. We also perform a knowledge transfer of the integration architecture to aid in any future integration builds as your business requirements grow.


some of the integration projects our team can help with are:

  • data mining
  • application to application
  • universal reporting
  • archiving & retention
  • hospital lab outreach programs
  • county to state systems reporting
  • form to multi-software application
  • medical billing, Medicaid and Medicare payment
  • business POS to AP & HR
  • system to system duplication


custom software development

Image One’s custom software development services will accelerate your business. Our Microsoft .NET certified development team creates customized business solutions which integrate into new and / or legacy software business applications. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Image One has stepped forward as an industry leader in the development of

  • .NET systems integrations solutions
  • Business process automation solutions
  • Intelligent capture software solutions

proven experience in custom software development

Our team of developers has built business process software applications in commercial, government and education industries. Our software has helped organizations become more efficient in their lines of business, while saving money. In addition to our stand alone software applications, we build add-on applications to existing software packages. Image One’s software development team can function as your personal development shop, gathering business, functional and technical requirements so that we can provide you with custom software applications that will grow your business to new heights of success.

software implementations & configuration


Image One is a systems integrator for a variety of partners’ software applications. We provide software and hardware configurations and implementations for Image One products and products we sell from EMC, eTransx, Kofax, aXs Info, County Business Systems. Our team installs the products that we sell, so that you have peace of mind knowing that all requirements discussed prior to the purchase of our systems are included in the actual software and hardware installation.


the process

Before an implementation commences our project management will work with your teams in an preinstall manner. We verify requirements, assign roles to both our team and yours, and spell out through a formal Statement of Work (SOW) exactly how the implementation process works through timelines, milestones and preproduction testing. If any changes occur throughout the implementation, Image One easily accommodates those changes through an online change request process.


training & deliverables

Image One’s implementation team works with our clients to implement a training program so that system administrators, super users and end users will be able to quickly ramp up to maximize performance. Upon completion of each milestone, our project management schedules a milestone review meeting with your team, ensuring quality delivery and installation of the functionality associated with that milestone. Once the project is fully implemented and tested, a post project meeting occurs to make sure that we have sufficiently met all of your requirements. We deliver a quality installed solution and train the users to accelerate your Image One Return on Investment (ROI).

data storage & DR planning


Today’s data managing challenges are taking the forefront in business and IT agendas. The concern to easily control, use, store and replicate for disaster recovery is spreading throughout all industries ranging across commercial and government. Organizations are faced with data management challenges in areas of:

  • managing growth of data volumes
  • operating within short, or non-existent, data backup windows
  • supporting existing IT systems that cannot run the latest technologies
  • ever growing information compliance acts, regulations, and governance requirements
  • assessing data value so that the most appropriate strategies can be applied to each type of data


our approach


Image One’s storage team will first analyze the design of data backups and recovery needs. We take into account business requirements, direct data usage, continuous creation of duplicate files, services level agreements (SLAs), required retention schedules, future projected growth, storage quotas, as well as our clients’ operational environment. Our plans and solutions focus around business predictability, reliability, and the quick process of data so that the end user has immediate access to information.



Our team of experts will provide your organization a cost effective storage and DR plan so that your business information is protected in an emergency, yet is backed up for daily use in a cost effective and time saving manner.  Some of the areas which we include into our storage and DR plans are:

  • initial data and file deduplication cleanup
  • deduplication management strategies
  • identification and classification of information and its business usage
  • tiered storage planning per information classification
  • permanent archiving
  • retention schedule – creation and deployment
  • multi data write paths
  • offsite data and systems redundancy
  • end user rollout training



Once our team has built a plan for business backup and recovery success, we will run test scenarios of different types of data, so that efficiency can easily be obtained in a production environment. We test data backup, cross over redundancies, deduplication management strategies, and tiered storage hardware.  All off storage facilities will be tested for bandwidth capacities, redundant connections and internet service providers (ISP) SLAs.



Once the plan has been tested, deployment will occur in a rapid manner. End user training around preventing file and data duplication and how to work with any tiered storage of information will be implemented by department. Depending upon our clients’ budgets and needs, any eDiscovery, network management and required hardware will be either pulled from the test environment to go in to production, or will be replicated in production so that the test enviornment remains intact for future tests.



Though Image One provides a variety of eForm software design tools, we also understand that sometimes due to lack internal resources or to improve business processes outside resources are required. We offer eForms design as a service to our customers. With many years of experience in understanding eForm’s best practices, design, interactive form elements and publishing, Image One will strategically build your eForms from the ground up.


current form analysis

Image One starts by evaluating your existing paper-based forms. We advise on any reengineering actions so that your current forms can automate processes and integrate data in a more efficient manner. We also review with your team any data that may be missing from your current forms.


forms workflow

Once the data needed to be captured within the form is identified and reengineered, it’s time to optimize any processes associated with the form data and file. The identification of duplicate processes are established through a series of workflow analysis actions such as mapping, flow charts, interviews. The form is then designed to automate approvals and attachments so that internal processes are optimized.


user experience

Part of the success in rolling out eForms is ensuring that the end user has an easy experience and that the form does not become a burden or cause confusion. Image One tests for user bottlenecks and snags and then adds usability to the forms.


form, data, and attachment integrations

Image One builds an integration map, determining the most efficient way to incorporate the submission of eForms and eForm data into content management systems and other front-line business applications.  We also examine where data needs to cross many processes within the same business line and / or other business departments by applying the same methodologies to additional lines of business that the e-Form or its data can affect.

Pre-population of data fields within an eForm can be used to automate a capture process and to reduce human error. Image One integrates the end users key entries to an existing database or copy of a database to auto fill the remaining portions of the form.


web-enabled data capture for legacy software applications

eForms can be designed to streamline existing workflows or replace manual data entry in existing software applications. Too many times, businesses are stuck with software applications that were not designed so that the end user can capture data and files for the business user. Image One analyzes your current front line business applications to see how we can recycle them for your daily processes. We add web-based data capture and file capture fields to your existing software, adding new functionality and efficiencies so that data can be used in a real time mode while eliminating human data entry error.


new process deployment

In many cases, once eForms or automated data capture is implemented within your organization, new business processes are now possible, allowing your organization to capitalize on technology and heighten new levels of business growth. Image One identifies what data will help your business thrive, and from the ground up automates the capture and usage of new processes. This insight will give you the ability to quickly implement new efficient business processes throughout your organization.

incorporating electronic signatures

As part of the submission or approval process within eForms, Image One provides options to your company of both an imaged electronic signature and electronic signatures which have a certified digital certificate associated to that signature, both of which represent a legal signature in court.