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Sharepoint provides a great software platform to build the beginnings of electronic collaboration. However companies are finding out that it was not designed to fully take on business process automation (BPA) or business process management (BPM) challenges of today’s business world. Suddenly your user community is trained and relies on Sharepoint to do their daily business, but you discover that they are leaving Sharepoint many times throughout the day to perform processes and tasks which cannot be automated with the basic routing capabilities included in Sharepoint. The routing functionality limits the ability to perform business process optimization (BPO) on more complex business processes and approvals.


Another challenge Sharepoint presents is the ability to apply performance management to all processes and collaboration within Sharepoint. Though the end users are doing a lot of their work in Sharepoint, there is no automated way to perform process management on processes and individual contributions.


Image One has a solution to these problems. We allow your end users to remain in Sharepoint as their frontline business application while adding true business process automation (BPA) to your existing SharePoint environment through the use of electronic workflows and key performance indicators