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Formatta E-Forms for Higher Education

Create Paperless Processes. Improve Student Service. Enhance Information Sharing.

Formatta is an electronic forms suite that enables a college or university to transform any paper-driven forms process across campus into a fast, secure and paperless one. Formatta’s components — Designer, E-Forms Manager, iFiller and Filler — work together seamlessly, empowering you to:

  • • Easily create and publish new e-forms and convert existing (paper or electronic) ones

  • • Provide student and HR forms via secure online portals

  • • Manage all e-forms for employees, faculty, staff, facilities and more from a single platform

  • • Authorize forms with secure digital signatures

  • • Interact with, complete and digitally sign forms on the go with Apple® iPad® and iPhone®

  • • Notify others in the workflow when a form has been updated and/or completed

  • • Send completed e-forms into the ECM/EDM system

  • • Update business and student information applications
    (such as Banner, Datatel, CampusVue, PeopleSoft Campus Solutions)

Student Administration/Enrollment Services

Formatta enables students to complete their application and financial aid process online, and to access e-forms such as add/drop and change of major from a secure portal, instead of waiting in line at the registrar’s office. This also provides convenient e-forms access to faculty and staff across campus, and reduces manual tasks for employees that work in enrollment services. In addition, Formatta can help you manage all required documentation for transfers and international student enrollment. Automatic updates to the SIS and e-forms archiving in the ECM system ensure that the most current student information is available to those that need it, without the need for time-consuming data entry or scanning.

Business Office - Human Resources

Once a hiring decision is made, Formatta enables you to collect e-forms required for onboarding — including W-4s, I-9s and 401K enrollments — quickly, electronically and paperlessly, and then update your HR team, HR system and ECM/EDM repository when they’re complete. Formatta also provides employee administration e-forms via a secure portal – allowing employees to make life changes, update benefit and tax information, etc. – and enables you to complete a rapid, standardized offboarding process. In addition, Formatta can help manage forms for student workers, including applications, timesheets and documents relating to international student workers.

Business Office – Financials

With Formatta, users can submit capital and check requests through a standardized, paperless process. Instead of wading through stacks of paper forms, approving managers can quickly review these requests from anywhere and apply secure digital signatures with a single click. Facilities Management Formatta makes it easier and more efficient to manage repair and work requests, facility reservation forms and all other e-forms relating to the day-to-day management and upkeep of campus buildings and equipment.

Campus Law Enforcement

With Formatta, personnel can complete any report – including arrest, incident, alarm and accident – on the go instead of waiting until they get back to their desk. Formatta can also enable personnel to submit a new entry or update existing items – such as arrest warrants, missing person alerts and stolen property records– to the NCIC database. This improves public student, faculty and staff safety and improves information sharing.

Some of the forms in the Higher Education solution include:

• Application for Admission form
• Transfer Application form
• International Student Application form
• Readmission Application form
• I-20 Transfer Request Form
(for international students)
• High school counselor form
• Admissions checklist
• Scholarship/bursary application form
• Concurrent enrollment voucher
• Affidavit of Support
(for international students)
• Notarized State Residency form

• Application for Financial Aid form
• Financial aid checklist form
• Add/drop form
• Grade change form
• Request for transcript form
• Change of address form
• Change of major form
• Intent to Graduate form
• Request for internal transfer credit
• Request for external transfer credit
• New employee onboarding checklist

• Employment application form
• State tax withholding form
• Direct deposit authorization
• Benefits and pension enrollment
• I-9
• W-4
• Capital expense request
• Check request
• Repair request
• Building reservation request
• Campus police forms, such as incident, alarm and accident reports

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