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Florida State's Attorney Document Management Solutions | Image OneFor the past 20 years, Image One has taken taken state's attorneys paperless for four Florida judicial districts, including the 5th, 7th, 8th, and 18th.

Our state's attorney document management solution includes backfile document scanning, document management software and advanced document capture for incoming paper and electronic documents. Some state's attorneys are also now using or considering workflow automation to do more, faster and with less resources.

Electronic Filing Cabinet

The core of our state's attorney document management solution is the implementation of document management software and integration with STAC and BOMS. Document management serves as an electronic filing cabinet so state's attorney staff don't have to call down to the file room and keeps these agencies in compliance with the paperless mandate from Tallahassee. State's attorneys can also file case files electronically with the clerk of court's e-service system.

Document Scanning Service

For state's attorneys that want to outsource scanning of their backfile of case files and business records, Image One offers both onsite and offsite document scanning services at our Tampa and Orlando service bureaus. The temptation is to scan internally but we do it twice as fast for half the cost, on average, especially if microfilm or microfiche is needed.

STAC & BOMS Integration

Once your documents are available within your document management system, it's ideal for users to be able to search and retrieve them within the systems they use every day. Since STAC from CIP is commonly used by Florida state's attorney's to manage case files, we've integrated document management with it so your staff can find all electronic case file documents directly within STAC. We've done the same for employee files, invoices and other HR and accounting documents within BOMS.

Advanced Document Capture

To ingest incoming documents into your document management system, we implement advanced document scanning and capture software that services two purposes. The first is that it's used with document scanning to capture and index inbound paper documents. The second is to ingest emails, including stripping off attachments, classifying each email and attachment and inmporting them into your document management system (which can also be done via FTP).

Additionally, we've written custom capture software code so that, when the software "sees" the clerk case number (using OCR-optical character recognitation), the software will automatically look up the case number in STAC system and pull case information like the defendant’s name so that this information does not need to be manually keyed in by your staff.

Workflow Automation

The state's attorney of the 18th judicial circuit now uses workflow as an extension of their electronic filing cabinet and advanced capture software. Here's how it works: the county clerk FTPs case files to the state's attorney. Workflow automation software picks them up, looks up the case file in STAC system, determines which attorney is assigned to the case, and automatically routes documents to them (e.g. violation of probation).

In addition to case-related workflows, we've implemented an AP automation solution where workflow automation software will look up the invoice number in BOMS. If the invoice is associated with a case, it's routed automatically to the appropriate attorney for approval. If they're not paid within five days (based on service level agreements), the approval will be escalated to the accounting department and/or the attorney's supervisor. If the invoice is not case-related, then it goes into a normal workflow. Once approved, the workflow software batches the invoices and sends to Tallahassee for payment.

We're also now working on creating a new employee onboarding solution for state's attorney HR departments. This will streamline the hiring process, ensure all documents are captured and specific documents (like I-9s) are captured in time and routed to the appropriate places.

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