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Intelligent Business Process Automation

Many organizations continue to struggle with a heavy dependence on human interaction with paper forms. This challenge is compounded by the fact that people involved in processes are often dispersed across locations and different organizations. LiquidOffice delivers business benefits by managing a process from start to finish, and seamlessly connecting the necessary people and information.

LiquidOffice flexibly brings together people and any format of information. Whether the physical or electronic, structured or unstructured, LiquidOffice provides workers with all of the information required to automate decision making within processes. This capability allows you to optimize business outcomes by converting inefficient processes into operational fuel that drives a competitive advantage.

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Intelligent Process Automation

By automating the capture, routing, validation, and integration of information required to complete a business process, LiquidOffice simultaneously increases revenue and decreases costs to maximize profitability. By integrating business rules into a workflow process, LiquidOffice can dynamically adjust the workflow, responding to business needs in real time.

Key Business Benefits

LiquidOffice offers unrivalled flexibility to manage, optimize, and streamline processes across the enterprise so you can:

  • Transform unsecure, inconsistent business activities into lock-tight, compliant and auditable processes, minimizing the risk of fines and damage to business reputation that arise from non-compliance
  • Achieve optimal business outcomes by providing workers with 100 percent of the information, both structured and unstructured, required to make good business decisions in a timely manner
  • Drastically increase process speed by eliminating idle time between tasks, assembling 100 percent of supporting information and minimizing human touch points, resulting in better customer, supplier, and employee service and satisfaction
  • Eliminate costly processing errors and omissions by automating task allocation
  • Capture structured and unstructured information from paper and electronic documents to trigger business processes and automate business decisions
  • Ensure adherence to best practices across a distributed workforce by enforcing consistency, facilitating collaboration, and enabling continuous process improvements
  • Increase visibility into process bottlenecks and redundancies in repetitive tasks
  • Impose deadlines, monitor task level detail, and raise alerts to improve outcomes LiquidOffice can help you deploy process automation solutions rapidly, rolling them out across your enterprise using comprehensive, graphical workflow modeling and simulation tools.