OpenText LiquidOffice E-Forms

LiquidOffice overview

OpenText™ LiquidOffice™ is an intelligent forms automation platform that enables organizations to design and publish rich electronic forms, automating data collection, routing and processing to digitally transform forms-driven line of business processes. The solution uses business rules, routing and systems integration capabilities for improved efficiency, control, delivery of information, provision of products and to deliver a rich digital customer experience.

LiquidOffice enables organizations to easily design web forms for data collection across the enterprise, route forms and information for review and approval and automate forms-driven processes for improved efficiency, control and enhanced digital experiences. For line of business workflows involving people, information and content, LiquidOffice can have a significant impact on productivity, customer service and retention and the bottom line.

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Forms automation software features

  • Forms designer

    Leverage an easy to use, interactive WYSIWYG form builder that includes highly-configurable web forms, fields, actions and validations to capture and manage information and documents. Publish forms as HTML or PDF files and access from desktops and mobile devices, online and offline.

  • Secure forms access

    Publish and provide access to eForms with authenticated or anonymous user access from the LiquidOffice Portal, websites, other portals and email

  • Forms automation and processing

    Use simple ad-hoc routing or enable business analysts to use drag-and-drop process modeling to implement highly-configurable, automated processes that collect and route information and documents to integrated systems. Enable scripting and integration capabilities to deliver seamlessly integrated solutions.

  • Standalone document and flattened PDF forms

    Support for standalone, flattened PDF forms that can be accessed, downloaded and shared from the LiquidOffice portal. These PDF forms can be opened by any PDF viewer and web browser to ensure consistent appearance and printing.

  • Process any third-party external web form

    Collect and validate accurate information securely over the web and control the routing of forms, information and documents collected between employees and systems.

  • Deliver integrated solutions

    Take advantage of seamless integration with OpentText™ TeleForm™ to streamline combined paper and electronic forms solutions. Deliver integrated Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions with OpenText™ Exstream™, OpenText™ TeamSite™, OpenText™ Application Content Management and OpenText Content Server to help automate virtually any line of business workflow.

Forms automation software benefits

  • Increase efficiency

    Automate information collection and business workflows to improve productivity of both internal and customer processes, and increase ROI for digital transformation projects

  • Improve the bottom line

    Cut costs of processing employee and customer data, exchange information using automated form workflows and re-assign data entry teams to higher value activities

  • Manage governance, risk and compliance concerns

    Ensure accurate information is gathered and used in all processes by implementing consistent data collection and validation, enforcing best practices and integrating with records management solutions to provide transparency and traceability

  • Exceed customer expectations and improve competitiveness

    Enhance the customer experience with rich and modern interfaces for data collection, and improve responsiveness by efficiently processing requests for faster turnaround and responding to customers in minutes or hours, not days.