Education: Student Records Scanning, Back-Office Document Scanning, Workflow & ERP Integration

Image One has assisted both K-12 and Higher Educational Institutions for over 20 years with: Student Records Scanning, Back-Office Document Scanning, Workflow & ERP Integration.

School districts and all other educational institutions are always searching for ways to reduce costs, improve productivity and reclaim office space. They are faced with tight budgets, large quantities of documents and records to manage as well as increasing compliance and document retention requirements. Image One has helped these institutions all over the United States by providing solutions that fit their needs and enrollments.

A Wealth of Data at Your Fingertips! (Without the Papercuts)

For over 20 years, Image One has helped protect school districts in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and throughout Florida from legal and financial risks by scanning the following documents:

We convert all types of paper documents, microfilmmicrofiche, and large format documents to the desired electronic format. Our staff of experienced experts, using high-speed scanning devices and proven methods and technology, will assure that your document conversion goes smoothly and efficiently. Eliminating physical records will not only make document retrieval faster and more efficient, but school districts will also save on paper, copiers, printers, and records storage.

Request Manager

Due to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and other legal requirements, it’s imperative for public institutions to operate transparently. To do so, public institutions need to record, respond and report on public requests as expediently as possible— while operating on shoestring budgets.

Records Manager from Image One recoups thousands of hours of employee productivity by addressing three main issues.

A Bonus for AP & HR

Image One also allows school districts to streamline their AP invoice processing, saving hundreds of hours of productivity per year. By implementing workflow automation software, both labor and the potential for human error are greatly reduced. Once your backfile of invoices has been scanned, future invoices will be automatically routed to your school’s AP department, as well as those authorized to approve invoices for payment.

Workflow automation software also streamlines HR onboarding and credentialing, which ensures all relevant documents are captured during the hiring process, including teacher credential, tax and benefit enrollment forms, and I-9s. Our software offers the following benefits:

  • Instant search and retrieval of both active and inactive employee files
  • Eliminates labor time and costs associated with filing and retrieving paper documents
  • Reclaims valuable office space formerly used for records storage
  • Sensitive employee information (e.g., payroll, medical) is kept confidential
  • I-9s are separated from other employee files in compliance with federal regulations

By utilizing workflow automation and document management, your administrative staff will have thousands of documents at their fingertips, enabling them to stay well-informed and make faster, better decisions.