Digitech Systems PaperVision ScanPro Cloud Document Uploader

PaperVision ScanPro: Fast, Easy Document Upload to the Cloud

What if you could include the critical business information you’re currently storing in paper files in your PaperVision.com® or ImageSilo® cloud information management service? Scan, import, index, and organize paper documents using your existing scanners and multi-function devices (MFD) to create convenient digital files and securely upload them to the cloud.

Simple Scanning

  • Ensure crisp image clarity using filters that remove common scanner errors such as speckles and skewing.
  • Reduce your cost per document by managing documents electronically to minimize physical storage costs.
  • Leverage digital files to speed access, improve security, and enable process automation. 

Intelligent Indexing

  • Include any number and variety of index values to suit your unique document processes and needs.
  • Quickly input document indexes as records are scanned to streamline digitization processes.
  • Populate index values without expensive manual effort using database lookup, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), barcodes, and Quick Click.

Unparalleled Upload

  • Group any number of files, complete with index values, into a single batch upload to minimize your effort.
  • Schedule uploads to occur during off-peak hours so your business continues at its normal pace.
  • Protect information with security settings inherited from the cloud repository, so you’re sure nothing gets compromised or lost.

Save Money on Scanning

Get rid of pesky paper! Start scanning everything—right from your desktop. ScanPro works with virtually any scanner or MFD, meaning you’ll save money on hardware and document storage and security.

Eliminate Manual Indexing

Stop wasting time on manual data entry! Create indexes automatically by matching data with an existing database or file, using barcode and OCR, or using Quick Click to simply click on the words you need in the scanned document. It doesn’t get any easier!

Upload Quickly and Effectively

Choose the ScanPro version that matches your cloud service, to automate upload directly to either ImageSilo or PaperVision.com. You can send batches of files, and you can setup automation services to upload outside normal business hours, so you save time.

Automate Document Processes

From indexing to upload, ScanPro is packed with features that help you automatically complete document tasks. You’ll be surprised by how much time and money you can save.

Improve Document Security

Paper records can be compromised by wandering eyes or prying fingers as they’re used around your office. Improve document security instantly by converting to digital, and locking information down the moment it crosses the scanner.

Choose the Cloud Service that’s Best for You

Whether you choose ImageSilo or PaperVision.com to store your digital files, you’ll rely on more than twenty years of cloud expertise. You can rest easy trusting that your information is
available when you need it, accessible from virtually any device or location, and always secure.


Click Here to download a PDF overview of Digitech Systems PaperVision Scan Pro and Technical Specifications