ScanPro Microfilm Scanners

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Image One carries the full line of eImageData Scan Pro microfilm, microfiche and blipped film scanners, including those listed below.

ScanPro are microfilm scanners the product of choice for libraries, research facilities and universities worldwide because of their reliability, performance and ease-of-use.

If you purchase from Image One, we will ensure that your ScanPro scanner is properly implemented and supported, which is why we are the leading ScanPro partner in Florida.

ScanPro i9300

ScanPro i9300 Blipped Film Scanner

The eImageData ScanPro® i9300 microfilm scanner is the product you’ve been waiting for to bring your image-marked, or blipped, film into the digital age. We know that original blipped film scanners are aging and you have limited options for repairing them. That’s where the i9300 comes in — it can capture ALL of your blipped film, regardless of brand — single level, two level and three level.

ScanPro 2200

The eImageData ScanPro® 2200 microfilm scanner is the best value, lowest-cost microfilm scanner on the market today. Whether you are looking to replace your old reader/printer or just need a budget-friendly option for making look-ups and doing research, the 2200 will meet your needs. It comes with all the features you need to work with your microfilm and microfiche. And, at a price under $5,000, you can afford it.

ScanPro 2200 Plus

The eImageData ScanPro® 2200 Plus is a microfilm research tool with all of the features of the ScanPro 2200 plus added capabilities including automatic scanning and SPOT-Edit™ for image quality. The 2200 Plus is used by researchers and archivists around the world to quickly and efficiently work with all microfilm types. The world’s leading universities and libraries choose the e-ImageData ScanPro 2200 Plus for its proven track record of performance, ease-of-use, reliability and value.

ScanPro 3000

The eImageData ScanPro® 3000 is the fastest, most effective and best-image producing scanner on the market. Utilizing proprietary and patented technology, the ScanPro 3000 boasts the industry’s only 26 megapixel camera for the clearest microfilm image available. This provides you with exceptional image quality never before seen in the micrographics industry.

ScanPro All-in-One

ScanPro All-in-One Microfilm & Microfiche Scanner

All current eImageData ScanPro models can ship from the factory as an All-In-One conversion scanner for both microfilm and microfiche. Every ScanPro All-in-One model maintains all of the features and benefits of the model that has been selected for its desired requirements. And, with a roll film carrier and the addition of the new AUTO-Carrier, you are able to convert microfilm and microfiche automatically. Thus, making the All-In-One scanner the only desktop scanning solution for all film types.