AppEnhancer (Formerly ApplicationXtender) Capture

OpenText AppEnhancer Capture Package enables fast, efficient document imaging, including both high-speed batch scans and configurable queue processing. It is feature-rich and easy to use, allowing for large-volume image acquisition and indexing. AppEnhancer Capture Package integrates seamlessly with OpenText AppEnhancer and is a key component of a complete, high-volume image capture solution.

OpenText AppEnhancer (formerly ApplicationXtender) Capture Package delivers:

Easy installation, configuration, and operation — Rapidly deploy AppEnhancer Capture Package to address document imaging requirements.

Full-featured batch-scan and index — Perform all major batch-scan and index functions including input, import, index, and output processing.

Multiple workstations — Simultaneously index information from one batch on multiple workstations to quickly import scanned images.

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