OpenText ApplicationXtender in the Cloud: MetaStor

MetaStor™ is a cloud-based offering of the OpenText ApplicationXtender suite of products providing a secure online document and content management system allowing you to retrieve, view and manage content using standard browsers and enable e-business or e-commerce applications.

MetaStor provides any document anywhere at anytime via the web with all of the functionality of a premise-based content management system. MetaStor also provides that same functionality with remote access using MetaSource’s Metamobil application using an iPhone or iPad.

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MetaStor Benefits

Eliminates the need for capital expenditure investment in servers and storage needed to deploy a premise‐based content management solution

SaaS offering replaces software licensing and annual licensing fees with a fixed monthly cost based on storage and features creating a “pay as you go” model

Upgrades and new functionality are deployed on MetaStor™ with little effect on IT or end users

“Pilot” content management solutions in specific departments without and infrastructure preparation or costs

Leverage 100+ combined years ApplicationXtender and AX Workflow experience with your cloud-computing partner MetaStor