OpenText Captiva Scanning Software: Input Accel

OpenText Captiva InputAccel for Invoices transforms paper invoices into digital images, automatically capturing the invoice data, validating, and delivering into a workflow process, content management, and ERP systems.

By automating the capture and validation of invoices, organizations reduce processing times, streamline the approval process, and shorten invoice retrieval times to seconds. By accelerating the capture of invoices, businesses gain better visibility into their overall accounts payable process, allowing businesses to take advantage of early payment discounts that can provide significant cost savings.

InputAccel for Invoices delivers:

  • Invoice data capture: reduce data entry by automatically recognizing invoice data including line item details

  • Identify vendor invoices: recognize vendor invoices easily without pre-sorting or using manual steps to improve productivity

  • Business rules and validation: validate purchase order and invoice data accurately using hundreds of built in business rules

  • Integration with SAP: deliver captured invoice data directly into SAP

  • Single, multi-page invoices: handle single and multi-page invoices without manual processing steps involved

  • Exception handling: route problem invoices to queue for quick problem resolution