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What's New with OpenText's Document Management Software

OpenText has made significant enhancements and modernizations to version 8.0 of ApplicationXtender. This major release addresses several key focus areas such as ease of use, administration, remote management, improved performance and scalability, better extensibility with RESTful services, and broadened support for authentication engines within the organization and beyond.

Ease of Use

ApplicationXtender 8.0 features a completely refreshed, streamlined, and easy-to-use interface. This new interface offers the full experience of ApplicationXtender regardless of browser, providing a rich experience for end users and eliminating the need for browser-specific plug-ins. Using HTML5 and industry-leading UI technologies, ApplicationXtender 8.0 can provide the same experience for users regardless of the device or platform they use. This reduces training overhead and empowers knowledge workers to make the most of the content they are accessing, however they may choose access it.

OpenText ApplicationXtender Ease of Use

OpenText ApplicationXtender organizes content by application

Streamlined Administration & Remote Management

A key goal of ApplicationXtender 8.0 is to make life simpler than ever before for administrators. A single web-based interface for system administration eliminates the need for a desktop client in most cases. Administration functions are aggregated into the new HTML5 UI, providing a view of the entire environment from one web console. Modern license management provides context of what's happening in the system, and support for application reporting enables chargebacks—especially useful for large organizations and multi-tenant deployments.

OpenText ApplicationXtender Streamlined Administration

Registered services running in Web Administration application

Improved Performance & Scalability with RESTful Services

A true multi-platform approach allows development of applications for any client, on
any device. REST Services provide a highly efficient and resource-centric API for
developing fast and efficient solutions geared toward web, mobile and other platforms,
which require information quickly and efficiently. OpenText has added REST support for the
ApplicationXtender 8.0 platform in order to satisfy these requirements and empower
integrators to build rich solutions which are lightweight, easily maintained and scalable.

Broader Support for Authentication Engines

ApplicationXtender supports single sign-on technologies using SAML-based
authentication tokens. Central authentication support with Microsoft ADFS 2.0 enables
integrators to quickly and easily deploy ApplicationXtender in a cloud-based solution.
Simple deployment makes it easier to keep up with OS, application and server-side
updates, allowing for faster certification cadence and greater support for the latest
database and server software.

OpenText ApplicationXtender Modules


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