CareerSource: ImageOne in Action

Saturday, March 11, 2017

CareerSource Florida, the state’s board of business and government leaders charged with guiding workforce development, provides oversight and policy direction for employment and career development programs administered by the Department of Economic Opportunity, Florida’s 24 local workforce development boards, and their 100 career centers.

We’ve worked with both CareerSource Central Florida and CareerSource West Palm Beach to go paperless, manage information more effectively and to serve Floridians better – here’s how.

CareerSource West Palm Beach

Working off paper forms, data took up so much space that much of it was stored offsite. Retrieving files could take days and storing such a large amount of paperwork strained their already-tight budget. Worse, employees had gotten in the habit of copying documents when they couldn’t be found, adding to the waste of time and space. Confidentiality was also an issue as documents containing sensitive information passed unchecked from person to person.

How We Helped

After analyzing CareerSource’s needs, Image One sprang into action:

  • High-speed document scanners captured all paper documents electronically
  • Quality checks were implemented to reduce the large amount of duplicate files
  • Data was scanned into a workflow system using ApplicationXtender Workflow Manager
  • AX Workflow manager was implemented for case managers needing supervisor approval
  • Formatta e-forms were introduced to capture information (including signatures) directly from applicants

The Results

The benefits CareerSource now enjoys include:

  • The ability to alter data electronically
  • Reducing risk of errors by allowing e-forms to take away the need for data entry
  • Data at their fingertips with their searchable database with multiple sort options (e.g., name, age)
  • A streamlined approval process that includes HR onboarding, benefits enrollment, and invoice processing
  • Tighter security and confidentiality with electronic forms requiring password approval

Our document scanning and workflow management solution helps CareerSource serve 30,000 to 40,000 Floridians each month to find employment. Despite their restrictive budget, they’ve managed to free up much-needed funds while being able to more efficiently processing their current case files.

Read more in our CareerSource West Palm Beach case study here.

CareerSource Central Florida

We also streamlined how CareerSource Central Florida operates by implementing ApplicationXtender document management software as an electronic repository for all electronic and scanned documents.

For case managers needing supervisor approval, we implemented AX Workflow Manager. This helps to get approvals faster and, if something is not approved, workflow manages what needs to be corrected to gain approval. There is no better way to streamline any process, including HR onboarding, benefits enrollment and invoice processing.

Next Steps

If you’d like to know how we can take help you take control of your paper documents and make your future data gathering faster, more efficient, and more accurate, contact us to request a document scanning consultation and quote.

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