Case Study: Pinellas County Transforms Record Storage

Friday, August 31, 2018


Pinellas County’s journey to eliminate paper began 18 years ago with the scanning of County Commission meeting minutes. Since then, working with Image One, the Pinellas County Clerk of Court’s office has transformed its records storage and retrieval system for instant access to documents for both public and official use.

By scanning the records and storing them in ApplicationXtender (AX) document management software, clerks who once spent hours in file rooms searching for records can now do so in seconds and focus instead on higher value work.

Maps, court documents and other records are now easily located and retrieved under a cross-referenced system within AX, which also provides security management to protect sensitive information.

Download Our Case Study

Download our case study to learn more about the results – including savings of time and money – Pinellas County was able to achieve in the process of digitally storing and organizing a wide variety of records and documents:

  • Workers have been re-purposed to other jobs
  • Office space replaced file cabinet storage rooms
  • With plats scanned into the system, county field workers can easily access maps while on location with the use of an electronic tablet, which allows several copies of the same map to be accessed at the same time in different locations
  • Court documents in Pinellas County can be accessed by residents on their personal computer at home – documents are also available on computer terminals at the clerk of court’s office, so no longer do residents and county workers have to sort through boxes of files as the information is indexed and easy to find

The records division continues to bring departments into the system that houses court documents, sheriff’s citations, medical examiner records, building division plats and liens.

Customizing a Paperless Plan for your Company

Every organization has a unique journey to going paperless. Image One can help create a customized and efficient digital transformation plan that will save you time and money. Often times, the initial project will result in enough savings to pay for future digital storage.

To learn more about the solutions we provided to Pinellas County, read the full case study here.

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