OpenText Captiva Scanning & Capture Software

Introducing OpenText Captiva 7.0

OpenText Captiva 7.0 offers the best-in-class enterprise capture solution, allowing IT developers and product administrators to transform paper documents, faxes and electronic information into actionable data that can be used to streamline enterprise processes and applications. This new release offers improved business productivity and organizational agility thanks to its advanced capabilities for intelligent enterprise capture – making it the ideal front-end for your enterprise content management (ECM) system.

New Features Streamline ECM

Captiva 7.0 provides superior accuracy with Production Auto Learning upgrades that combine both image- and text-based classification. The updated technology provides up to 20 percent higher accuracy than rules and templates created manually by experts. In addition, the new unified tool makes it easy to develop, deploy and maintain capture projects.

The Captiva Designer centralizes all capture flow development and configuration, which allows products to be deployed in mere seconds or minutes instead of the hours or days that other competitive products require.

Captiva 7.0 also offers enhanced operator productivity by providing a single client that can be adapted to numerous specific use cases and operator tasks, eliminating the need for multiple clients.

Industry’s Fastest Time-to-Value

The Captiva Designer tool lets project administrators and IT developers improve document management with simplified configuration, deployment and continued maintenance of a variety of capture projects. Teams can readily configure data entry forms and validation rules with the designer, as the point-and-click layout of fields and controls promotes context-aware indexing and validation.

Developers and administrators save time with Captiva Designer, as the system quickly defines configuration profiles for document types, image processing, recognition and exports for reuse across several processes. With Captiva Designer, project configuration information can be moved or published to different servers with a single click, deploying enterprise configurations in just hours or minutes.

Configurable Unified Interface

The Captiva Desktop allows capture operators to customize the client for a variety of capture tasks, making it easier for operation managers to both route work to and train operators.

Captiva Desktop can be configured to match individual use cases and tasks, maximizing operator productivity. Operators can improve efficiency with context-aware editing, quickly flagging and re-routing problematic documents.