What Is Trusted Video Archival Storage for Law Enforcement?

Friday, May 6, 2016

The Fourth Blog Post in Our 5-Part Nexsan Assureon for Law Enforcement Series

Police departments across the country are adopting body-worn video cameras to increase transparency in officer-civilian interactions and restore the public’s trust. As terabytes of video footage explode into petabytes, law enforcement personnel must make sure that the digital storage solution used to archive these files can be trusted to preserve all evidence, ensure privacy, and comply with state and federal regulations.

So, how can your police department trust your mobile video archival solution to store all of this video?

4 Questions You Need to Ask about Mobile Video Archival Storage

4 Mobile Archival Storage Questions 4-mobile-archival-storage-answers

4 Mobile Video Archival Storage Answers

The archiving system needs to integrate technologies that prevent tampering, accidental deletion and inadvertent file corruption. The storage medium should also be scalable—easy to add to as body-cams generate more and more video data. The ideal solution for criminal justice agencies, Imation’s Nexsan Assureon has multiple layers of safeguards built in.

  1. Each ingested file receives a unique digital fingerprint, and both the file and its fingerprint are replicated, encrypted and stored in separate RAID (redundant array of independent disks) schemas, either in a single server or in both on-site and remote servers
  2. There is no need to ever wonder whether files are in “backup” or “archive,” thanks to the system’s file serialization audit, which keeps track of each file from the time it is originally stored
  3. Nexsan Assureon also conducts an integrity audit, which analyzes the health of each file by checking for silent data corruption – because of the system’s redundant configuration and self-healing feature, the integrity audit repairs corrupted files by comparing them to their intact duplicates.
  4. How can a police department know if any digital evidence is missing—whether deleted by accident, in a malicious attack or in a cover-up by individuals with something to hide? Assureon’s proprietary technology guarantees the integrity of archived video footage by ensuring that all files and file metadata are present and have not been tampered with or corrupted; with Assureon, law enforcement agencies can rest assured that the video evidence they’ve carefully collected will remain intact

Archiving & Compliance Product of the Year

Available at Image One, Nexsan Assureon was named the “Archiving & Compliance Product of the Year” by Storage Magazine because it’s the ideal storage solution for your ever-expanding volume of video surveillance footage because of its 100% data integrity guarantee, and it’s also a viable alternative to cloud storage solutions that can get incredibly expensive. You can also learn more about video archival best practices here.

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