2013 brought challenge and opportunity to document management forefront

December 31st, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

While some firms struggled to adopt document management software and paperless initiatives, others were looking ahead throughout 2013. According to CMSWire, many new technologies were revealed in the past year to help companies eliminate paper from their operations, but firms have failed to fully adopt or implement these solutions in order to support their efforts.

While 2013 brought improved cloud and mobile solutions to assist with paperless initiatives, it also brought growth of the big data movement, increased chaos within document systems and other issues that businesses had to contend with. This makes the slow adoption of paperless operations more understandable, but with plenty of document conversion services available firms can remedy this problem quickly in 2014.

The main challenge that firms face, according to the news source, is the desire to have a single solution to handle all of their information management needs for them. While most document management solutions don't quite fit the bill there are some, accompanied by high-quality conversion service, that do. Supporting remote access to data, mobile deployments and the elimination of information silos are key to expediting the growth of digital efforts. However, as many companies are realizing the need for improved data management, their resources are turning more to the generation of information, addressing its organization and collection rather than trying to keep up afterward.

The main challenge of proper electronic content management is ease of access and use. For enterprises looking to go completely paperless this means setting the foundation for information clarity and organization early on. Firms may also find that their efforts collide with other processes, which can slow down the overall growth and minimize. This may seem like a conflict of interest, but in reality provides a key opportunity for companies that are able to capitalize on it. By utilizing quality paper conversion services, firms will be able to integrate document management more seamlessly, leaving less room for error and promoting the many advantages that going paperless provides.

The optimization of paperless efforts, along with the integration of document management software and conversion services, sets the tone for operations, not the other way around. Businesses need to ensure their employees are on board and properly trained to fully migrate to digital formats. Proper management of documents and long term record storage sets the stage for electronic growth, and companies embracing these trends now are getting a head start on the competition.

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