Archival Video Storage: Cloud vs. On-Premise for Law Enforcement

July 31st, 2016 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Information Management - (Comments Off on Archival Video Storage: Cloud vs. On-Premise for Law Enforcement)
Video Storage: Cloud vs. On-Premis

Video Evidence Best Practices: Finding an Archival Video Storage Solution You Can Count On Demonstrating accountability and transparency during a time of increased scrutiny of police, nearly 6,000 of the country’s state and local law enforcement agencies now require officers to document encounters with civilians with body-worn and dashboard-mounted video cameras according to Time magazine. …
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Document Scanning Tampa & Orlando

We know the story: if scanning all of your legacy paper documents and records was easy, it would already be done. Even though document scanning has never been more cost-effective, it still needs to be cost-justified that will stand up to a heavy dose of scrutiny. One thing that can help is to identify problems …
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Large Format Document Scanning: Odyssey Marine

July 15th, 2016 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture | Document Scanning | Information Management - (Comments Off on Large Format Document Scanning: Odyssey Marine)
Large Format Scanning Service Treasure

Odyssey Marine Exploration is an innovative leader in deep-ocean exploration. From pioneering archaeological excavations on historic shipwrecks and record breaking recoveries of cargo from modern shipwrecks to discovering valuable mineral deposits and natural resources, no one knows the deep ocean better than our team. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and ground-breaking methods, Odyssey employs a world-class team …
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Orlando Document Scanning Service

We’ve scanned millions of documents for business, healthcare, the hospitality industry, government agencies, and many other organizations in Orlando and throughout Central Florida from our Orlando service bureau. Here are even more recent success stories. Orlando Lake Resorts For this large and expanding estate management company, we scan backfiles of AP invoices for timeshare properties …
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