3 key features to look for in document management software

February 25th, 2015 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Business Process Automation | Document Management | Workflow

There are a number of reasons to purchase document management software, and if the solution you're looking at isn't helping you in at least one of a few areas, then you should consider another product. 

With a document storage solution you can ensure that your business is more organized, your files are more secure and your staff is more productive. However, to make sure you can take advantage of all these benefits, you'll have to find a program that offers several necessary features. Read below for more on the most important components of document storage systems:

1. Definitive and clear workflow tools
Document storage solutions should make your employees more efficient, which means removing repetitive steps from their workflow. Systems that feature options for emailing and messaging, updates about changes to documents and a clear hierarchy of access will streamline various processes that your documents go through on a daily basis. Live updates, access controls and searchable keywords will ensure that your employees aren't doing the same thing ten times over. 

2. Strong security features
A storage system with airtight security is a must for every business. Hacking is an increasingly pertinent issue for businesses of all sizes, so you are going to need a storage solution that offers secure access controls. Anything less than software as locked-down as early 20th century Alcatraz is insufficient. Break-ins, hackers or natural disasters all pose threats to the security of your business' files, a risk that can be dealt with using a secure storage program. 

3. Integration and accessibility
Any document storage program should work with the systems and devices that you already use at your company on a daily basis. If you can't access the storage system from your phone, or convert files from the program into PDFs for a presentation, then what is the point of purchasing it? Look for a document management solution that will allow you to integrate the new system with programs and processes you already have in place, to minimize obstacles when implementing your digital storage tool. 

Document storage isn't necessarily a one-size fits all option, so research the systems available to you and determine which will work best for your business. Just make sure the solution you choose has the features necessary to improve your company. 

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