3 reasons why manufacturers should go paperless

June 23rd, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document Management

As offices move toward reducing their environmental footprint and streamlining operations by eliminating paper manufacturing organizations should too look into the benefits of going paperless. Taking advantage of content management services can significantly transform the structure of an organization, according to LNS Research.

The value to be gained from leaving paper behind is something to be considered. Below are three reasons why manufacturers should transition to a paperless environment.

1. Increased adaptability
Manufacturers have to be able to respond to the changing dynamics in their specific industry. Not only do these shifts demand a response, they call for reactions that are fast. The ability to rapidly respond to changes is something inherent in transitioning to a content management service. From the shop floor workers to the management everyone needs to be able to move fast and by leaving paper behind management can make decisions quickly that employees can immediately react on. Even if someone is not present remote access makes it easy for fast and intelligent operational choices to be made at any time. LNS Research refers to the work required when a product is recalled. Access to real-time information would greatly enhance the ability of stakeholders to act on the product recall through an increased rate of information flow.

2. Enhanced ability to collaborate
A content management service allows for real-time collaboration between stakeholders. Anywhere on the shop floor multiple workers can access the same document and make changes to or reference it on-the-go. According to Outright, documents can easily be searched with keywords when using document management software. This way employees can easily search for, find and work off of the same document. LNS Research writes that these advantages lend themselves to an environment where ideas flow freely. This way orders can be completed easily and without error. Immediately searchable documents are always available to workers who may need them in order to gather information relevant to an order.

3. Improved security
The tiered access to files provided by document management software allows for control over who gets to see what. No longed do sensitive papers need to be locked away, they can simply be stored virtually opening up space and keeping information safe. In addition, according to Outright to keeping your files safe from theft they will also be preserved in the case of a disaster such as a flood or fire.

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